Astrology is a vast science whose history can be dated back thousands of years. Even today not many people can master this science. Today it has become quite difficult to find a genuine astrologer as today most of the astrologers are fake and play around people’s emotions and fear to get their confidence. These astrologers are not the masters of Astrologers but are the masters of confusing people. To master this science of Astrology, it requires years of practice and experience and there are a very few astrologers that are genuine and are trustworthy.

Mumbai is one of the major metropolitan city of India with a land size of 603.4 sq. km. and a population of approximately 1.85 crore people. There is an increased demand for astrologers as compared to other cities. Taking advantage of this demand many fake astrologers have come up to cheat people with their fake astrology. It is difficult to find a genuine and honest astrologer in Mumbai, as there are a very few and not many people are aware of them.

Mr. Rajat Nayar is an astrologer who is considered to be the best astrologer, not only in Mumbai but in all of India. He has a presence across the country and even abroad. He has extended his study from the normal astrology to the other aspects of astrology which includes palmistry, numerology, Tarot card reading, vastu, etc. He has spent more than 33 years of his life in studying and mastering this science and its other aspects. Mr. Rajat Nayar clients include people from various different backgrounds like actors and actresses, businessmen, doctors and many more.

Mr. Rajat Nayar is the best astrologer and numerologist in Mumbai. Numerology is similar to astrology where a connection between numbers and personality traits, circumstances, life events or any problem a person is facing in life is derived and is given a solution with the help of numbers only. Numerology requires extensive practice and study in numbers. For a numerologist, it is very difficult to gain the trust of people, but Mr. Rajat Nayar is an expert in numerology. He has been able to win the trust of not only Indians but even the people living in several other countries. His clients live have been transformed because of Mr. Rajat Nayar’s predictions. He has helped clients clear all sorts of problems from their life, the problems relating to business, jobs, relationships, love marriage problems and what not. If anyone is looking for the best numerologist in Mumbai, then there is one and only Mr. Rajat Nayar who can help with any kind of problem using his great ability to come up with actual and sensible numbers that add up in solving anyone’s problem and Mr. Rajat Nayar is an expert and the best in it.