Many people disregard prayers. They think that prayers have no practical consequences and are a waste of time. Such beliefs lead to atheism, lack of morality, and sins. In order to avoid such consequences, one has to understand the meaning of a prayer and its importance for a devoted Christian. In the book The Kneeling Christian, its author, who decided to remain unknown, encouraged people to pray and open their hearts to Christ because prayer was the main communicator between people and God.

The author opened his or her book with an explanation of importance of praying. According to this unknown Christian, there is only one thing in the world people may regret, and this thing is the fact that they have not prayed enough. According to the author, people often do not pray because they do not fully understand the meaning of a prayer. People tend to blame God as the reason why they do not pray. They state that God does not give them any signs they expect to see. For example, when they want something badly or need God’s support, they would like to see some visible signs, but there seem to be none. The Unknown Christian stated that such an approach toward prayers was wrong. First of all, people should not demand anything from God. Second of all, it is ridiculous to think that God does not care about people; for that matter, only people whose faith is rather weak can think that way. Thus, people’s prayerlessness takes place not because of God. Rather, people do not pray despite Him. The fact that there are so many Christians who do not practice their prayers lies in the sad truth that these people are not truly religious, and their prayerlessness hides their sins and inability to accept Christ into their hearts.

I can agree with the author’s views on this issue thanks to my own experience. Personally, I pray daily because I find prayers to be essential for me. When I pray, I share my thoughts, fears, worries, and happy moments with God, and that doubles the happiness as well as ends the fear. Nevertheless, there were moments in my life when I experienced deep sadness and even depression. During that time, I seemed to hate the entire world, and I viewed every person as my potential enemy. Thus, my communication with God during that time was rather strained, because I thought that I was a victim of truly difficult conditions and expected God to fix everything right away. When the changes did not come, I started blaming God for not helping during difficult times and thought that my prayers were pointless. Only later, I realized how wrong I was during that time. I expected a sign from God, however, I closed my heart and shut my eyes, so it was impossible for me to see God’s kindness. When I restored my prayers, I realized how much psychological help and support they were giving me.

The Kneeling Christian was also a great help for me when I started practicing prayers again. The book contains a very powerful quote that says: “Prayer is our highest privilege, our gravest responsibility, and the greatest power God has put in our hands. Prayer, real prayer, is the noblest, the sublimest, the most stupendous act that any creature of God can perform”. Hence, the book shows how important the true prayer is for a Christian. Through prayer, people not only communicate with God but also express their secrets, inner fears, and emotions, which would otherwise be kept inside. Thus, prayers play a role of psychological absolution since they allow a person to relax and accept his or her reality the way it is.

The author not only speaks about the importance of prayer but also about the way one should pray. According to the unknown Christian, a person should approach the praying process with an open heart; this is the only way one can communicate with God. The Christian also should not make any demands from God because it opposes prayers’ goals.

Unknown Christian also made a very important point about the meaning of prayer for a person’s spirituality and personal growth. He stated that

It is not too much to say that all real growth in the spiritual life – all victory over temptation, all confidence and peace in the presence of difficulties and dangers, all repose of spirit in times of great disappointment or loss, all habitual communion with God – depends on the practice of secret prayer…Someone has wisely said, “Satan laughs at our toiling, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.”

Hence, prayer is the only and the most effective weapon against sins and evil. It is both a tool and a goal of every devoted Christian who wants to communicate with God freely and defeat evil which may surround him or her. Personally, I find the author’s approach to be very useful because it makes people focus on prayer one more time. They tend to remind themselves that praying is not a mindless daily process, but it is something that a person has to put one’s heart and mind into.

The Kneeling Christian is not a mere book with facts about prayers; it is a guide for a Christian seeking to find truthful answers about prayer life. It helps people find their devotion to prayer one more time or strengthen their beliefs even more. Thus, it is a book every Christian should read.

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