Being a leader is a very responsible task for the individual. The main difference between a manager and a leader is the fact that the leader has an inspiration and ability to motivate people for doing particular tasks effectively. A leader is also responsible for finding new creative solutions for reaching the maximal value from the daily routine work. That is why the core question, which arises in such a case, is the qualities of the effective and productive leader, values and principles, which are the guideline for leadership behavior.  

To my personal opinion, one of the main qualities of an effective leader is the ability to communicate with the team and to represent them the core tasks, in other words – to organize effective teamwork. It is possible to achieve the best results from the teamwork in the case of each member of the team is aware of one’s own role in the project; if the tasks are clearly determined and allocated; if the employees (participants of the project) are provided with a certain amount of responsibility for finding the ways of the effective executing of the tasks. The cooperation is the next important value for the leader – when all the members of the team may ask some advice or to discuss some details of the project both with the leader and with other members of the team.

The flexibility of the leader enables one to accept the opinions of other participants of the project in order to reach the maximal effectiveness of the work, i.e. when the leader is able to accept the fact that subordinates may have better opinions. Patience towards other employees is such quality of the leader which creates the image of the persistent and empathic person at the same time. Describing this topic can be interesting for a discussion board post

Finally, in order to win the competition in different areas of human activities, there is a need of effective decision-making for the leader. That is why in order to be responsible both for the decisions and for the actions, the leader should possess such values as courage and determination.