Welcome to NFP! We are an online provider of evidence-based natural fertility information, guidance and personalized coaching.

NFP is a leading online provider of natural fertility programs, preconception care, natural fertility coaching, and natural IVF support. Our international team of naturopaths, natural doctors, and fertility specialists are led by Iva Keene MRMed. ND.

The program and natural fertility coaching are systematic and personalized to each couple. NFP coaches are qualified Naturopaths with relevant post-graduate qualifications, years of experience in Natural Fertility Medicine and thousands of client consultations.

The NFP program incorporates cutting edge diagnostics, unique case analysis, and assessment process, and tailored advice and coaching for each client focused on: diet, detoxification, supplementation, lifestyle, and conception timing over a 16 week recommended minimum preconception care period.

Our mission is to raise awareness for and educate couples on the option of natural preconception care: including diet, nutrition and lifestyle modifications as a first step before turning to fertility drugs and procedures.