If you are looking for your first NBA 2K21 small forward build, here you can get some ideas. How to create an overpowered small forward build in the game? To explore more different builds and try to dominate your matches. Here you can check all the archetypes for small forward and the best NBA 2K21 SF build

NBA 2K21 Archetypes for Small Forward

Sharpshooting Slasher (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Slashing Sharpshooter (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

2-Way Finisher (Takeover: Slashing)

3-Level Scorer (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Offensive Threat (Takeover: Shot Creating)

2-Way Sharpshooter (Takeover: Lockdown Defense)

Perimeter Defender (Takeover: Lockdown Defense)

Sharpshooting Defender (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

NBA 2K21 Best Small Forward Build

Small forwards are versatile players on the field, and one of the goals of SF players is to narrow the gap between small guards and power forwards. Shooting and shooting attributes are very important to them. The use of the slasher makes sense for small forwards.


Skill & Physical

It’s going to be shooting with finishing for the skill and speed pie chart for the physical.


Finishing: Close Shot – 88, Driving Layup – 81, Driving Dunk – 81, Standing Dunk – 77, Post Hook – 50

Shooting: Mid-Range Shot – 49, Three-Point Shot – 74, Free Throw – 86, Post Fade – 87

Playmaking: Pass Accuracy – 75, Ball Handle – 73, Post Moves – 52

Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense – 38, Perimeter Defense – 73, Lateral Quickness – 72, Steal – 72, Block – 40, Offensive Rebound – 29, Defensive Rebound – 66


Finishing – 16, Shooting – 18, Playmaking – 12, Def/Reb – 5

Body Shape

Height: 6’5”

Weight: as low as possible

Wingspan: 86.0”