“New Movers Network- Stress-free relocations all around the globe!

‘New Movers Network’ is a team of people arranging the relocations, aged between 30 and 40 years, that was started about 8 years ago. What is important to mention is that we have all done this business even before we started this company, so the experience behind ‘New Movers Network’ is huge, and that is why people are so satisfied with our relocating services that we get new recommendations every day. We conduct all types of relocations- long and short distance, and also we give advice on where is the best place to move based on what you search for. So, if you are someone moving soon, contact ‘New Movers Network’, hire us, and have no stress or headaches!”


Phone: 323-166-5773

Full Address: 8979 Dearborn Avenue, South Gate, CA 90280, USA

Company Email: [email protected]