Here at New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours we cherish the environment. Because we operate in the Louisiana wetlands our core mission has always been to enjoy the natural beauty in and around New Orleans and to offer our guests an education on wetland conservation and management issues from the past, current, and future. While on a tour with New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours we stress the importance of the swamps from natural storm protection perspective as well as being critical wildlife habitat. We find the local wetland losses devastating and aim the educational aspect of our tours towards the protection and creation of more wildlife refuges and management areas in the state of Louisiana. It’s quite startling how humans interaction with the lower Mississippi River Delta has turned 16,000 years of land creation back 20% over the last century! At New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours we are fighting these losses by educating people about the causes and aiding the prevention of similar mistakes going forward. You may wonder if there are ways to have a more direct impact on the wetlands. One of the more direct interactions we have with the swamps are our monthly clean-up events.

New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours hosts free monthly clean-up events in local wetlands! We just had another great event today along Bayou St John in New Orleans. The reason our team hosts these events is to give back to our community and offer folks an interesting and fun way to help the environment. So far we’ve hosted a handful of events along the Honey Island Swamp, where New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours first began. Since then, we’ve decided that cleaning up areas that we aren’t touring in would be even more beneficial and would offer an opportunity to explore some cool new places! The highway we adopted along old highway 51 was our location for the December clean-up that we followed with a free kayak tour of the swamp. We hosted an event along Bayou St John in New Orleans and really hit our stride! We had a great turnout and put a trailer full of kayaks to use up and down the waterway picking up trash and debris. The next event is planned for mid February (date TBD) will take place along Bayou Bienvenue.

The February clean-up event hosted by New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours will be along Bayou Bienvenue to the east of New Orleans on the border of St Bernard and Orleans Parishes. This is an historic old wetland that was once the eastern guard to New Orleans during the battle of 1812. Nowadays, it’s mostly a wetland triangle full of old dead cypress stumps. There have been recent efforts to beautify and replant trees in the area which are starting to become more noticable! We think that it’s a cool local resource for New Orleanians and deserves a little more love and attention. Keep your eyes peeled for event details on our facebook page. All in all, these trash clean-up events are a great way to meet other environmentally minded volunteers looking to make some positive change on a local level. When it comes down to it New Orleans has a trash problem. At New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours we are happy to offer a fun way to combat the issue and grow our community together. Stay tuned for more information about our next event, and remember we will be hosting these events monthly, year round, in different areas around New Orleans. Feel free to contact us if you have a location in mind! A special thanks to everyone who has already participated!