Panchkarma is the Ayurvedic body Cleansing therapy. Suppose you have a wound, what if you apply medicine on it without cleaning it. Probably it will never heal or become septic. Most of the surgeries used to fail before the discovery of importance of antiseptic cleaning of surgery induced wounds. This amply underlines the importance of cleaning process during medical treatment.

According to Ayurveda, a unclean or toxicated body will not be able to absorb even the medicines. If absorbed, the effects of medicines will be nullified or minimized by the toxins or waste present in the body. When the body is free of toxins or metabolic waste produced by diseases, it can treat itself , sometimes even without medicine.

This is the reason why children and youth are healed faster, using the same treatment as compared to aged people. Their bodies have lesser quantity of toxins as compared to that accumulated in the body of an old person.

Panchkarma is a 5 step process which effectively clears all waste right from the skin to the alimentary canal.

The first step is oiling and massage – snehan. It triggers the transportation of immobile tissue fluids back to the lymphatic system, where it can get filtered and detoxified. Fresh tissue fluid gets into circulation, revitalizing body cells.

Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda resorts Kerala

Second step is steam treatment- sveda. It magnifies the effects of massage by speeding up the blood circulation. The accelerated blood circulation is like an internal shower for the body cells. Result is enhanced deep cleansing of entire body tissues.

Third step is vomiting- vaman. The accelerated blood circulation collects tremendous amount of toxins and wastes from the body cells like the way all our waste is dumped in our rivers. The blood river then run towards liver, kidney and pancreas to gets purified. Kidneys excrete the waste as urine, but liver and pancreas convert some of waste into their secretions like bike or pancreatic juices. In-fact all body secretions get impure due to supply of impure blood. These juices are then thrown into stomach or intestine to be thrown out of the body. Therefore appropriate fasting is very important during Panchkarma to prevent food mixing into the vitiated digestive juices. The best way to remove these juices from the stomach is therapeutic vomiting.

Fourth step is therapeutic purgation- virechan. The waste deposited in intestines is cleared by the way of purgation.

Fifth is the most important step of Panchkarma- vasti. It is therapeutic enema through urinary bladder. Urinary bladder is a marma or lethal point of the body. It contains nerves of vesical plexus and is connected to pudendal and prostatic plexuses. Enema eases the plexus nerves, eliminates waste from kidney and it incredibly effective in treatment of urinary and spinal disorders.

Preparatory treatments (Purvakarma) include various treatment modalities like uzhichil (medicated oil massage), pizhichil, njavarakizhy, sirodhara, udwarthanam etc. These preparatory treatments cause the release of toxins from the various organs which are subsequently eliminated by the appropriate panchakarma procedure.  Dietary restrictions and modifications as well as use of medicines for internal consumption are an integral part of the purvakarma or preparatory phase.

To experience this treatment, you must first visit an Ayurvedic Practitioner. He will design the perfect panchakarma treatment plan for you to enjoy its benefits. However, it is very important to follow the pre-and-post treatment routine for it to actually work to its full potential.