Have you ever dreamed of flying? Who hasn’t? You might not have wings, but there is one cool sport that takes you closer to that feeling – paragliding! It opens your mind, frees your soul and satisfies your thirst to fly high. Now you might wonder about the best places for paragliding? Tenerife is the ultimate spot to witness the most spectacular mountain and ocean views amidst the clouds. Tandem paragliding in Tenerife fulfills your dream of remaining high up in the sky and view natural wonders that transcend all other thoughts.

Let’s sit back and explore some perks and hacks of paragliding.

Perks of Paragliding in Tenerife

Paragliding is an experience that makes you realize “you only live once in a lifetime”. Besides being an exciting activity that lets you touch the sky, it also has multiple health benefits- both physical and mental. Let’s discover some perks of paragliding.

Boosts Self-Confidence

One of the most curious and interesting things about paragliding is that it helps people overcome their fear. How do you feel after achieving something “big”? Well, multiply the feeling 10 times. Once you touch the sky, all your fears and tensions fade away. You land down with a whole new level of energy and self-confidence.

Stress Buster and Adrenaline rush

While paragliding, one’s focus is stuck on the present. All your stress, distractions, and worries diminish away in the clouds. The extreme adrenaline rush mixed with an intense focus makes you feel cleansed both mentally and physically.

Being on top of the world, flying through the sky and extreme adrenaline rush sounds like a perfect adventure! Paragliding takes you to the whole new level of excitement and a surge of energy while floating in the sky.

Breathtaking sights

When you are thousands of feet up in the air and taking in nothing but the beauty of the world, all you feel is the silence and freedom. Your perspective about the world transforms into something more positive and upbeat. As a paraglider, you have a front-row seat to witness the most astonishing views on Earth. The high peak mountains, crystal blue oceans, amazing volcanic landscapes offer you a panorama full of contrasts.

Paragliding in Tenerife

Tenerife Tandem Paragliding Hacks For Faster Flying

One of the biggest advantages of tandem paragliding is that you find peace and harmony in the laps of nature. However, there are some days when just flying fast isn’t enough — you want to go even faster and cross the unseen stretches. Here are some paragliding tips for faster flying to make the most out of wind conditions.

Increase Speed Slowly

It may sound contradictory, but probably the best way to attain high is to take up your speed bar progressively. Monitor your pitch and wait until the speed of your body matches the wing speed before increasing it.

Avoid Sharp Turns

Sharp steering feeds your sink rate. Avoid tight turns and abrupt shifts to keep your wings in a uniform condition.

Attack Headwinds

Getting caught in a headwind can drop your speed rate and you will start moving backward. The best option is to just hit the speed bar button whenever going into the wind to ensure maximum forward speed movement.


As they say, “the sky is the limit”, paragliding lets you cross all your boundaries and fly like a bird. Being the largest among all the Canary Islands, you can get the view of extremely beautiful mountains, oceans, and volcanic views.

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