If your daughter is turning three and her love of all things LEGO has made me very excited about planning her special Lego birthday party. You might have seen many different birthday party themes featured on TV and the Lego theme seems to be one of the most popular. So, when you got to know that my daughter was interested in Legos, I quickly set out to find ideas for a great Lego themed kids party. Here are some great ideas that I think are best suited for this type of party.

1. Games to play at your Lego party in Sydney. You can do a scavenger hunt with Legos or a mini-game based on the movie “borg” are the most popular game ideas. I also recommend doing a treasure hunt with Lego bricks, or building your own robots to play with your guests. There are so many fun and creative ideas you can come up with! Just make sure that all of your games and activities are geared towards the birthday theme.

2. Food that matches the theme of your Lego birthday party in Sydney. There are so many delicious foods that you can serve to your little guests at your child’s party that will truly be in line with the theme. One of the most popular foods at a Lego-themed kids party is Star Wars Diner, especially if you serve blue juice. To top off the delicious food, why not run the kids through a Star Wars battle?

3. Party decorations that match the theme of your party. The first thing you need to do is get some blacklight poster tubes and hang them around your venue. They will really pop with the Lego theme. Another idea for party decorations is to get some LED lights and put them on the ceiling. These little lights make wonderful additions to any theme, especially when they are purple! Make sure to make use of all white pieces so that no unwanted guests get confused as to where the party is and who is there.

4. Lego games are always a good idea for a kids party. There are a ton of different Lego games out there that you can play. Some games involve building buildings and then defending them from attacks by taking out the bad guys with the help of a special Lego character. Others involve racing to the finish and winning by beating the clock or other fun challenges.

Party favors are a fun way to tie your entire Lego theme together. Give guests pieces they can take home with them or make up their own party favors to give away. Just remember to get enough so that each guest is able to play a game or activity, and to have some extras just in case someone forgets to bring something. Lego party favors never go out of style and are always appreciated. You can also visit websites like snapology.nsw.edu.au to find more options for lego birthday parties in Sydney.