Pay Per Click is a method where you put an advertisement on the internet and you pay every time anyone clicks on the ads. PPC is also known as cost per click you have to pay on every click PPC also associated with search engines. Before the internet, the business process of marketing was a little bit different as compared to now.

Traditional Marketing was different as of now it included the printing pages, newspapers, and of TV Ads and the radio. Marketing has changed according to time. The internet has revolutionized so many professions, and marketing industries has started a little early.

By providing cheaper and easier alternatives available for companies to reach people and advertise their business to the right audience, the internet revolutionizes things marketing to day to day tasks. Now, for marketing business owner don’t need to use a huge amount to advertise on tv, the radio you can send a very little amount on advertising on the internet and get more engagements to compare to traditional marketing methods. Not that traditional means of marketing is not useful enough, but digital marketing has a lot more superiority over when it comes to boosting your sales and making a name for yourself in the social media atmosphere.

Digital marketing is an essential tool if you want to increase your brand awareness engage with your audience take questions to respond to queries and that will have a big impact on your business. Companies nowadays spending more money on social media to advertise and market 56.1% of the world population has access to the internet so it only normal you take advantage of this platform.

The old marketing methods are crippled has so many flaws and provide so little value compared to online advertising the reach on both methods is incomparable when you advertise on tv, radio and newspaper there reach is limited not many people nowadays stick with these means but on the other hand reach on internet is unlimited daily thousands of people joined the internet the amount of opportunities on PPC has no limit that why more and more companies investing their money on internet marketing.