MRET Water Activator gives you better hydration. It changes the bond angle of H2O from 104.5° to 114.5° by utilizing a MRET patented technology. The bond angle of 114.5° is found in intracellular water molecules. With this change to the water that we drink even before we consume it, hydration becomes more efficient. When our body is properly hydrated with MRET Activated Water for an extended period of time, expect improvements to our overall health and wellness. Benefits of MRET Activated Water

MRET Activated Water is produced with the help of patented in the USA by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D. Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (US Patent No. 6022479). Pegasus Aqua MRET Water Activator is the stationary source of subtle, low-frequency, resonant electromagnetic field with composite structure. MRET Activated Water with the modified molecular structure, physical and electrodynamics characteristics may enhance specific molecular mechanisms in living cells.

The most important time to drink water is right after getting up: First, drink one glass of warm water to make it easier for the kidneys to dilute and excrete urine formed during the night. This is of great importance because urine is highly concentrated in the morning; if it is not diluted properly, urinary waste products may settle in both the kidneys and the urinary bladder. Second, drink another glass of warm water to which you can add the juice of 1 slice up to ½ of a fresh lemon and 1 teaspoon of raw honey. This helps to cleanse the GI tract. Other important times for drinking a glass of water (not chilled) are about ½ hour before and 2½ hours after meals. These are the times when a well-hydrated body would naturally signal thirst. know about the benefits of MRET water

Having enough water available at those times ensures that the blood, bile, and lymph remain sufficiently fluid to conduct their respective activities in the body. Since hunger and thirst signals use the same hormonal alert system in the body, if you happen to feel “hungry” during those times, it is more likely that you are actually running out of water. Therefore, it is best to drink a glass of room temperature or warm water first and then see whether your hunger has subsided or not. If you suffer from high blood pressure and use medicinal drugs for this condition, make sure you have your blood pressure monitored regularly. With an increase in your water consumption, your blood pressure may return to normal within a relatively short period of time. This would make the intake of medication obsolete and even harmful. By drinking enough water, you may also start to lose weight if you are overweight, or gain weight if you are underweight. 

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