The plant growth chamber comes with a unique double chamber plan, offering a consistent and steady temperature. Widespread heat wadding shield on all chamber surfaces and doors as well as a dual soft profile silicone seal. The inner side of the chamber is completely stainless steel and the outer side is an electrified and powder covered steel. There is an incorporated refrigeration system depending on a hermetic compressor and air-frozen condenser.

A large variety of temperatures and light strength layouts that are necessary in plant study can now be exactly redeveloped and managed with the revised assortment through plant growth chambers.

Features :

Humidity, Illumination and Digital PID Controls Temperature.

Eleven segments, 999 cycle’s programmable or incessant process.

Precise temperature management by ±0.1°C exactness and ±0.5°C consistency.

Humidity management from 30 ~ 98 % RH by ± 3 % RH accurateness.

Illumination from 0 ~ 20,000 Lux by six to eight steps of progression.

3-line backlight LCD shows working condition and simple-to-input plan pattern.

Water point controller involuntarily supply and discontinue water for humidity or moisture control.

Over heat safety, low water level apprehension, electrical escape breaker.