Run 3 is the latest version of the endless running game series. The goal is to reach as far in the space tunnels as you can.

How to play Run 3?

Players control an alien and move in the tunnels. Use the Up arrow key to jump. Use the left or right arrow keys to move.

The game objective in the Infinite mode is to go as far in the tunnels as possible.

In the Explore mode, you need to go through a series of levels.

Play the game and explore a whole new galaxy. Beat as many levels as possible to unlock different characters.

Can I play run 3 without Flash?

The game is available in HTML5. You can play it wihout Flash. It’s free and fun to play.

Who created run 3?

Run 3 is the third installment of the series. It was created by Joseph Cloutier/

Join the journey in the space and guide the alien! Rotate and move along walls to find the safest route.

Download apk and play the game. See how long you can survive in the space tunnels.