In the process of precision machining, metal cutting process is at a high cutting temperature and work under intense friction condition, therefore in the process of precision parts processing, the length of the tool life and cutting efficiency of the high and low, depends on the cutting tool material, cutting tool material determines the performance of the underlying factors, the efficiency and machining quality, cost, and has great effect on tool life.

Precision machining tool material process performance of the tool itself manufacturing and grinding quality is also a great impact, so the tool cutting material to meet the following five requirements.

High hardness: the hardness of the cutting tool material must be higher than the hardness of the workpiece material in order to cut the metal, the hardness at room temperature should reach more than 60HRC.

High wear resistance: wear resistance is expressed as the ability of the tool material to resist wear, usually the higher the hardness of the material wear resistance will be better.

3, enough strength and toughness: tool materials need to have enough strength and toughness, in order to ensure that the tool in the normal cutting process of precision machining can withstand enough of the total cutting force, impact and vibration to prevent the tool blade or brittle fracture.

High heat resistance: heat resistance is also known as hard heat, refers to the tool material at high temperature to maintain the cutting performance of the ability, it is the main index to measure the tool material performance.

Five, good technology: in order to facilitate the production of the tool, the requirement of the knife has a good machinability and heat treatment technology, machinability mainly refers to the cutting and welding performance. Heat treatment refers to heat treatment deformation is small, decarburization layer and good hardenability.



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