Food comes in all shapes and sizes, in all dimensions and weights. In our short video, we demonstrate how your digital shopping cart can offer space for everything and how your customer can personalize his purchase with your product data.

When implementing a food delivery strategy, it is important to think about customer and product requirements. It must be considered how the requirements affect the data models.

Price per item and weight

Most groceries store goods are sold per item or per item, such as: loaf of bread. This is a relatively simple task for an online system where customers can click the item to select it and add it to their shopping cart. In some cases, stores also need to be able to display the price per quantity, such as € per kg. When buying bananas, customers buy by item, but they pay by weight. It is therefore necessary to take this into account when creating a product data model.

Price changes

Furthermore, any expected price changes that may occur between the order and the delivery must be taken into account. For example, if a fruit that a customer has ordered is heavier than expected, the price will also change. Possible price changes must be taken into account in the pick-pack process and during payment. So customers need to know that price is based on weight. Kiasumart is the best groceries store in Singapore .

The delicatessen counter

Customers order fresh meat cuts by weight and type of cut. This data is forwarded to the delicatessen counter. There the product is prepared according to customer requirements. So if you want to get away from the direct price comparison, you should also include the specifications of the meat and delicatessen counter in the online purchase.

Other fees

For deposit amounts for certain products, e.g. B. plastic bottles, the type of fee should be specified and shown separately in the shopping cart. Your products will not look more expensive than they are and your customers will immediately see what they are paying for.

Meal kits

Meal kits use purchase data to identify product groups that their customers want to buy together. A meal kit enables the customer to add these products to their shopping cart with one click. This improves the buying process and the customer experience.

Modeling product data is an important part of an online groceries store. Are you thinking of selling groceries online? If you would like to find out more, please contact us