PUG DOG CARE to know more about PUG DOG CARE read carefully what i am about to write. Pug is one of the most popular dog breeds. His cute eyes and funny looks make him a loved one wherever he goes. Today we explain what this nice furry is like and what the main care of the pug.

Characteristics of the pug or pug

pug dog care

These are the main physical and character traits of this friendly and adorable breed:

1) Appearance of the pug

pug dog care

The pug is a small and strong dog, with a square and muscular appearance. His head is large, round, and wrinkled, his eyes bulging, and his gaze very expressive. The limbs of this breed are strong, and the tail, curled, can reach a double corkscrew. Their fur is usually fawn, silver, apricot, or black. The pug’s ideal weight is between 6 and 8 kg, although it is common for males to reach a somewhat higher weight.

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2) Pug behavior

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Although it is a very playful breed, the pug is affectionate with its owners and distrustful of strangers. Due to his temperament, he gets along especially well with children and the elderly. However, it is also a very stubborn dog that does not always obey, so early socialization with positive training is recommended.

how to take care pug dog: primary care

pug dog care

How to take care pug dog, first some info: Pug is a family dog that needs a company and does not tolerate long periods of solitude. It is considered one of the best dogs breeds to live in a flat, but it requires a lot of attention, a cool place to rest, and a playmate who loves and pampers it. These are the main cares of pug :

1) Grooming and hygiene

pug dog care

Since the pug’s coat is short, it doesn’t need much maintenance. To remove dead hair, weekly brushing with a rubber glove or a medium bristle brush is sufficient. Nor does he need frequent baths, although his nails should be checked periodically.

The bulging eyes that give the pug that special look is also the trait that makes it most vulnerable. Taking care of your eyes with an eyewash is essential to avoid dryness and corneal ulcers.

2) Physical exercise

pug dog care

The pug prefers to spend time curled up in a calm and quiet corner, either on the sofa or in his bed. However, an excessively sedentary lifestyle can make you overweight. Therefore, we must take it out for a walk regularly.

Of course, we must be cautious when it comes to physical exercise. His flat face prevents him from regulating body temperature well and makes him very vulnerable to respiratory problems. Therefore, pugs do not feel comfortable when the heat is very high or the day is very sunny. If we take this into account, the pug will appreciate moderate daily walks in the coldest hours of the day.

What is the best feed for a pug

pug dog kennel


Being one of the most gluttonous dog breeds, one of the pug’s primary care is to control their weight and monitor the rewards and rewards that we give them. Without a doubt, the best food for a pug is light food for overweight dogs. A diet for obese dogs will help your pug maintain the line and improve its quality of life.

Suppose you have a dog of this breed, and you are concerned about its weight. In that case, you can ask your dog’s veterinarian; he will be in charge of formulating a pug feed adapted to your furry’s specific needs and characteristics. you can check AKC, for more inquiries.