Before you start hiring an SEO service provider, you want to have a set of questions to ask each service to compare everyone accurately.

You will also want to do your background research to get familiar with each agency before meeting with them.

1. What’s your SEO process?

Instead, you will likely get the famous search engine optimization response of, “it depends.” Which, in this instance, is an acceptable response (with hopefully some additional particulars ).

If the SEO service provider can clarify their search engine optimization process in 60 seconds or less and make sense to you, that’s a great sign. 

Should they speak until your ear goes flat, or if they make no sense, then it could be best to move on from them.

2. What sort of work will you do on my website?

An ideal SEO Service Provider has transparent work policy explaining the process and work will be done when doing an SEO. For ex, content optimization, technical SEO, website auditing to eliminate errors and so on.