Was Siddharth Mahajan actually jailed for fake documents?

Siddharth Mahajan started his professional journey in the hospitality industry in 2001 after the completion of his Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from the Oriental School of Hotel Management. After working for 3 years in Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur, Mahajan decided to go in search of possible growth avenues in London. A few short, but extremely inspiring and productive stints with various hotels led him to begin his own business, which we know today as Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. He began letting out service apartments to travelers looking for long-term stay options with the comforts and facilities of a house. The business flourished and Siddharth came to be known as a successful young entrepreneur in the UK serving the community well as well as offering them a seamless sense of place and home. Today, the Tulip Hotels owner has 48 million British pounds worth of assets to his credit of which 34 million are in lending, while the remaining 14 million British pounds form his current net worth.

The “ Siddharth Mahajan property case ” that ensued 

Siddharth Mahajan London had founded a business that was close to his heart and it took every ounce of his hard work, shrewdness, and dedication to rise up to fortunate realms of success. So on a chilly morning, when Mahajan heard a knock on his door, little did he know that the business he had established with sincerity and perseverance would suddenly be placed under scrutiny and that his integrity and work ethics were going to be questioned. Owner of Tulip Homes and Real Estate Ltd. – Siddharth Mahajan was approached by the council authorities who enquired about his business license documents and accused him of not being in possession of the appropriate licenses for the apartments he let out to customers.

Mahajan was requested for a detailed interview pertaining to the validity of the documents; although he was advised against exposing any information at this point by his lawyer. It was fundamentally a no-comments interview. Following the interview, Siddharth Mahajan received the first court hearing date – 14th January 2019. The case was filed against the Tulip Hotels owner for three properties that were registered under his name.