The film The Sixth Sense is a mystical psychological drama. The talented children phsichiatrist Malcolm Crowe moves to another city, where he continues his work. The work consists in helping children with mental disorders to adapt to the existing world. His patient is a 9 year old boy Cole, who claims to have an uncanny ability known from papers

This ability hinders him to go to school and socialize with peers. Because of this strange ability, he cannot sleep and has the nightmares. Boy is sure that no one can help him, even an experienced psychiatrist. Therefore, in his 9 years, he appeals to God for help. The boy even arranges a small shelter at home with images that he quietly takes in the local church. Nevertheless, even sincerely childlike faith cannot bring him to peace.

The Cole’s super-ability is unbelievable, but he knows little about it. Therefore, he does not tell anyone about it. He does not want anyone to know that he is “crazy”. This boy is the most important patient in the life for Malcolm. How to help the boy to deal with such dubious “gift”? Firstly, the film teaches that it is needed to believe in the ability of the 9-year-old child and teach him how to use this gift. Then maybe it will help Malcolm to understand himself.

Therefore, the film highlights one of the major philosophical problems, which is the ratio of reality and unreality. It shows that not all people are given with the understanding of unreality.

Even in ancient times, philosophers tried to solve the problem of understanding reality and unreality. Thus, the narrator of the Descartes’ Meditations was concerned with this but ultimately argued that there is a possibility that life is a dream, and this possibility cannot disprove all of people’s hypothetical knowledge.

The philosopher draws attention to the fact that even if human sensory perception is in a dream, they, however, accept a certain knowledge about the real nature of things. Among the few aspects of knowledge which, according to Descartes, stood the test of “skepticism of dreams” is the truth that is grasped by reason, such as mathematical truth: “It does not matter whether or not I sleep, two and three give five, and the square is not more than four sides”.

This understanding of things is not too comforting people who think much about whether they are real people and whether the things they encounter in life are real, and that was the creation of a new philosophical project.

Descartes sought the confirmation of the fact that the truth that is grasped by the mind is above the knowledge that is acquired through the senses. Descartes was a skeptic, and he just used the skeptical argument to remind the reader that mathematical truths (and other truths of reason) seem more solid foundation than the information that is received from the senses .

To talk about the concept of the reality and unreality, it is necessary to determine what is meant by these terms, which, in their turn, are used in the film The Sixth Sense.

For further reflection there are two important questions:

– Is there any reality at all?

– And if it is, what exactly is unrealistic? (due to the fact that the plus does not exist without the minus).

There are two possible answers to the first question: either it does not exist, and this is boring, and there is nothing to discuss, or it exists, and, thus, one has to find a common understanding of its essence. Since there are many people, there are also a huge number of thoughts. The reality exists, and now almost all the philosophers are convinced about this, as well as the other people, who care about this issue.

However, no one knows what reality is in fact. It is like a “black box” that one can know only at the “exit”, serving on the “input” the needed signals. In other words, “the world”, which people used to take as real or reality (where they live), is only their personal, individual, subjective reflection of the so-called alleged reality. This is supported by the episodes from the film, where Cole’s mother cannot believe her son in the existence of phenomenas which are not in the area of the reality for her.

A psychologist from the film and the film itself shows that there is no reason to be afraid that one’s “private innate world” (in the film – “innate world” of Cole and his personal visions) is unreal. Undoubtedly, it is real, but only at a different level of existence of reality (the first is usually called the material, while the second is the spiritual, the ideal one). However, it is unknown if the second level is reality.

The existence of the reality is natural, that is, as entity, it has the dynamic and self-organizing structure (it is generally based on the natural laws of nature of Newton and others). After the identifying of the laws of existence and reality of the spiritual level of these laws, it will be possible to predict the existing phenomenon, as well as to justify the dynamics of mechanisms of their appearance. Consequently, then it can be assumed that the spiritual world exists as a reality, not as unreality.

After watching the movie, it can be understood why at this stage of the development of philosophy and psychology, the human subconscious is somewhere unreal. The point is the the reality is “objective”, while the subconscious is subjective. There are as many “realities”, as there are a huge number of people’s minds.

By studying the human psyche and humanity in its entirety, it is possible to become closer to the correct understanding of the essence of reality. Studying the animate and inanimate nature, the laws of their existence, one studies reality as a “black box” and builds understanding of reality in a speculative way, based on the established laws.

The human psyche is like a replica of reality. It is the transformed entity f reality. The process of understanding the human psyche can show the existence of reality in a coded form. But this form is living, and not speculative.

It is commonly known that a person has the necessary five senses. However, sometimes this limitation is overcome by something quite inexplicable, which makes the terms “fate” or “intuition” to be irrelevant, and prompting to the right solution, it allows to find the best way out of this situation.

In people, this is usually interpreted as presentiment, but this state, probably, is their sixth sense. It has the properties of uniqueness and individuality and helps each in its own way, as the sixth sense helped Cole himself, dead people, and a psychologist who had to talk to his wife as well.

In conclusion, it must be said that the concept of reality and unreality is a philosophical concept. This concept is sheer abstraction with no real force of law. It changes as a result of technological progress and new personal preferences of philosophers. Through the relationship and mutual help of psychologist and Cole, the film shows that the correct resolution of the problem of understanding of reality is necessary first of all for more complete understanding of the human mind, its place and importance in the world, as well as for the understanding of sense of human life.