You’ve just been promoted to manager, so along with the new office and nameplate comes all of the knowledge you will ever need. You immediately understand how to increase your team’s performance without driving them to look for new jobs, how to handle conflicts with executives, and how to deal with the pressure of long hours and more responsibilities.

Unfortunately the world does not work that way. When top performers take up their first managerial assignments, they rarely start with all the skills to handle daily challenges. Instead of making mistakes over a slow learning curve, you can adapt rapidly by enrolling in a supervisor course.

You’ll likely want to maximize the potential of your new team, but you may not know exactly how. Instead of making mistakes through trial and error, you can get a head start through effective management training. You will learn motivational tips that boost productivity without burning out employees.

You also learn how to empower people through delegation, using their natural strengths and talents to achieve operational goals. Happy teams not only tend to work harder; they also tend to lay fewer problems at your doorstep.

When you make your first presentation to the C-suite, do you know how to get your message across? Do you understand the pitfalls of proposing an organizational change to managers with years more experience than you?

While front-line employees typically work with their immediate teams, managers meet with executives and employees throughout the organization. Getting Management Skills Training Courses skills through Barefoot eLearning can help you act comfortably in your new role, no matter the situation.