What is your definition of a ride or die person? After watching the criminal drama “Bonnie and Clyde” and analyzing historical facts about the personas, the principle of ride or die became clear not only in the context of their story, but within the entire Great Depression epoch. Some scenes and details in the film substitute the real facts, but the factor increases the effect of drama for the audience. The paper contains review on the film “Bonnie and Clyde” as well as interpretation of the meaning ride or die because of the refusal to obey poverty and absence of frameworks.

First, Faye Dunaway lit up the screen by presenting Bonnie and Clyde as the crazy and unpredictable couple robbing banks on the background of the American Great Depression. For people, it was the beginning of the nation’s fascination with the star-crossed lovers, whose story is still being told today. Second, although the film represents life story of real people, traditionally Hollywood added some dramatizing effect to open their feelings and positive sides. Consequently, the company made definition of a ride or die couple as the life concept of the band that robs banks. It also presented the couple as the basis of the film’s plot.

The film has the clear reason why Bonnie and Clyde became a ride or die couple. During their first meeting, Clyde tells Bonnie’s life story, which is incredibly significant. She was born in Texas in a poor family, but she was thirsty for learning; so later she got bored and dropped out of school to marry a man working in the factory, “and then you wake up in the morning and you hate it”. Later, they divorced; and Bonnie started waiting for a rich man, who would take her to a better life.

During some separate episodes, the audience discovers Clyde’s biography as well. From a very young age, he became a small time thief and robbed a gas station. However, he finds the way out to be released and escapes the prison term. His robbery assistants were his older brother Buck Barrow and Buck’s wife Blanche. Since the brothers had criminal past, they have nothing special to lose as their blood connection prevailed over everything in the society. Moreover, their anger towards the prison system was increasing. After Bonnie met Clyde, she was so excited to change her life. The new friends charmed her to drop everything and escape with Clyde. One of the least noticeable, but most valuable episodes is when Clyde asks Bonnie to take off her hairpin to change her hair style: “Change it, I don’t like it”. Since the episode, she is no longer an average waitress. She becomes an unstoppable woman, who would rather die that refuse to ride. Again, there is no information in the film that in March 1932 Bonnie was captured in a failed robbery attempt and jailed in Kaufman, Texas. Nevertheless, only in the end of the film, the characters seemingly expect death.

Another remark to the issue of ride or die touches upon the behavior of Clyde. Before Bonnie tried to escape from him and he stopped her in the field crying and bagging to stay, Clyde was all about survival techniques with his mind concentrated on money: “There’s the way we know best how to make money”. Finally, the filmmakers made an accent on the characters of the usual people, who go shopping together, share common dreams, and have intimate relationships. The aforementioned elements are preamble to the great finish the couple is ready to meet.

Hence, the criminal drama “Bonnie and Clyde” is a good addition to the interpretation of the consequences of the Great Depression as it shows the despair and misery that motivates people to do crimes and have no regrets about that. Bonny and Clyde in some ways had similar destiny. They committed serious crimes. However, the filmmakers put more attention on their personalities and humanity to show the right for weaknesses and regrets. Thus, the meaning ride or die has an interpretation of living life without loss and boundaries that make person the one who never obeys the rules of poverty.

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