Let us help you to activate Roku using Roku.com/link. It’s the device manual where you can find the instructions. You can connect the hardware to proceed with the remaining steps

Get an idea of the essential requirements – Roku activation page, Roku activation code, internet connection, compatible Roku device for streaming

Note – It’s important to know the troubleshooting tips. Use the tips; resolve the errors at the earliest

How to activate Roku?

To understand the setup guide- Check if the Roku setup manual is provided with the package. Refer the instructions one by one

Connect the hardware as the preliminary step. Fix the cables, activate the network and proceed

Check is the updated software is compatible and valid

The next step is Roku account creation

Login in and use the Roku account user name and password

Note down the code from the player section

Click on the url,Roku.com/link

You can enter the device linking code in the space that appears on the screen

How to avoid Roku activation errors or error codes that popup?

Understand the activation steps before you proceed

Stop or cancel the activation and start the process from the beginning

Check the network speed that you use

Use the valid code for activation

Restart or reset the device to resolve the error

Check the Roku account that you use. If it’s not valid, create one visiting the Roku account creation page

Use valid credentials for sign in

How to add Roku channels?

Select the channel that you prefer to activate

Add it from the store

Note- if its pay channel you need to pay the charges

For Roku.com/link activation support, use the toll-free number available on our web page +1-844-581-4357