Roku device activation can’t be tough, if you read and understand the steps. Collect the requirements to proceed. Understand guidelines

Hardware connection

  • Switch on your device
  • Connect the hardware’s
  • Insert power cable to power port
  • To connect your device to TV, use HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 port
  • Do not use wrong port to connect the device

Select the network connection type

  • Activate the network
  • Select the option, wireless
  • Provide the credentials as the page loads
  • Click on the connect tab
  • The network will be active as you wait
  • Green check mark represent the connected status
  • Red check mark indicates that it’s time to troubleshoot issues

Collect the Roku activation code

  • To find activation code, login to Roku account
  • Then move to the page, Activation
  • Type the code
  • Wait for the device linking process to complete

To activate Roku channels

  • Sign in to Roku account
  • Create an account if you do not have one
  • Move to the channel store
  • Search to find the channel
  • Click on the option, add channel
  • Tap on the channel icon
  • Collect the activation code
  • Visit the channel activation page to complete the process

If you come across errors

  • Understand activation steps
  • Do not use the wrong code
  • Check the activation page
  • Always select the best device for streaming
  • Reset the device ,check if activation issues resolve
  • Check the device reviews before selecting the device to buy
  • Resolve errors if you come across any

If you need any assistance to complete activation, reach out to Roku support team. Refer the recent blog post to know more