Complete Roku device setup, activate your favorite Roku channels. Collect the requirements for the setup

Here we explain activation and set up steps one by one

Gather the requirements

1.Activation page,

2. activation code

3.Compatible Roku device

How to start Roku setup?

1)To start with Roku setup, you can fix the hardware

2)Connect the Power and the HDMI cables

3)Find the appropriate port

4)If this step is done, switch the device ON

5)You can view a Roku Logo with a purple screen

6)Move to the settings to select the network connection type

7)Click on the option, wireless

8)A page will load on the screen where you can type the wireless network username, password

9)You can view a green check mark

10)This green check mark indicates the connected status

11)Suppose if it’s a red check mark, identify the reason and cause of the error

12)Link your device to the Roku account

13)If you do not have an account, start typing “ How to create my Roku account”

14)If not, open the page, from your mobile device

15)Enter the activation code in the space that appear

16)Execute the activation steps promptly and wait for the process to complete

17)For troubleshooting, identify the reason and the cause of the error

18)Activate your favorite Roku channel and its good to visit the Roku channel store

19)As you type the channel name, the search results will appear


1.Check the Roku activation code and the activation page

2.Ensure that the network speed is secure and active

3.Cross-check the validity of the Roku account.

For Roku setup and troubleshooting, read the available blog posts. Else visit the page for more updates