Rooom raises $7M for multifaceted 3D virtual events platform

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Rooom has raised $7 million to take 3D virtual events a step closer to the metaverse — or at least a lot more entertaining than Zoom calls.

The Jena, Germany-based corporation has integrated game-like 3D virtual experiences, as effectively as other implies of communication, into its events platform. You can join in on a Rooom knowledge employing a virtual reality headset, augmented reality on a smartphone or tablet, or just in 2D on a desktop browser screen.

While it was in stealth mode last year, the corporation utilized its tool to host more than 200,000 virtual attendees at IFA 2020, a tech occasion that is generally held in Germany. The corporation showed off the platform in a virtual occasion for the press exactly where CEO Hans Elstner explained the vision behind the corporation and its aim of enhancing communication in virtual spaces.

The lead investor in Rooom is Bm-T (Beteiligungsmanagement Thueringen), along with a number of company angels in Germany.

Image Credit: Rooom

Rooom (the 3 o’s in the corporation name symbolize the 3 dimensions of space) is internet-based with no downloads needed. Unlike some competing options, Rooom environments can be utilized with out a VR or AR headset.

Users can access digital content such as 3D models and virtual rooms, stages, and more through any browser from any device via the energy of WebGL, the internet 3D technologies from the interoperability requirements consortium Khronos Group. Rooom has joined the Khronos Group as a member.

VR and AR headset functionality is also supported for customers who possess a Facebook Oculus headset (Oculus help is at present in beta) or supported AR headsets. I watched Rooom’s debut press occasion on a desktop browser.

“Unlike so many other competitors, we see 3D virtual events as best experienced through a standard browser — we are excited to support VR and AR HMDs as well for those lucky enough to own them, but we believe in democratizing 3D to the widest possible audience,” Elstner stated at a press occasion. “Moving forward, we plan to announce a wide range of new customers, product enhancements and more in 2021.”

Self service

Image Credit: Rooom

With Rooom, you do not have to employ an agency to build your digital knowledge, he stated. The corporation has developed a self-service platform that anybody can build complicated 3D experiences with out unique expertise or capabilities.

Users can select among most effective-practice templates for each showrooms and events, and Rooom also gives a 3D object library with furnishings, exhibition booths, decoration, and marketing space. Customers can build a custom atmosphere with just a handful of clicks and reuse content effortlessly.

In 2020 and 2021 (regardless of nonetheless becoming beneath wraps), a wide variety of market leaders such as Augmented World Expo 2021, Carl Zeiss, Deutsche Telekom, DHL, E.ON, Mars, PwC, and Vodafone utilized Rooom to present hybrid or completely on the net 3D events and experiences for the duration of the pandemic.

Rooom ExperienceCloud

The corporation also gives the Rooom ExperienceCloud, which incorporates all the promoting and visualization requirements of many industries across a diverse variety of use-instances, all merged into a single platform made up of 4 distinctive elements.

Those include things like:

  • EventCloud: A versatile and complete option permits prospects to strategy and implement all their internal and external events just, immediately on the internet.
  • SpaceCloud: Using it, corporations can present their services in absolutely interactive on the net 3D showrooms, such as 360-degree tours based on scans. Customers can discover rooms, halls, or other scenes employing a mobile or desktop device.
  • ProductCloud: Product producers and sellers can present their items on the net in 3D. Customers can knowledge the 3D models with out an app straight through the browser from all angles in 3D, bringing colors, surface textures, and solution information to life. Models can be developed from current 3D information, from photographs or videos, or by employing the Rooom 3D Scan app.

Image Credit: Rooom

  • ImmerseCloud: It gives corporations and organizations the capability to use augmented reality in a very simple way for new promoting methods. Real estate agents can boost showings with 3D models, solution producers can use 3D solution visualizations, cultural institutions can expand exhibitions, and publishers can bring books to life with AR.

Long development

Rooom spent 3 years of development on the ExperienceCloud, stated Elstner.

Overall, Rooom relies upon the open 3D visualization requirements promulgated by the Khronos Group. Rooom joined the organization as a contributor to participate in the future development of requirements such as WebGL, glTF, and WebVR.

Ori Inbar, cofounder of Augmented World Expo, stated in an interview that his corporation is employing Rooom for the virtual occasion space and welcome hall for AWE 2021 from November 9 to November 11.

“It’s an intriguing product. I had a chance to use it and found it relatively easy to use and navigate,” stated Kevin Krewell, an analyst at Tirias Research, in an e mail to GamesBeat. “The initial virtual world was a bit too Disneyland-like for a business product, but that can evolve based on customer feedback.”

He added, “I did not try it in VR, but it has the feel of a VR environment. It runs using WebGL browser standards, which allows it to run in a browser without a dedicated app. Its persistent nature makes it a good choice for commercial training and sales opportunities. The digital assets I saw were quite detailed. Overall, I think it has promise.”

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