A professional front-end engineer for over ten years and has worked at RailsCarma Top Ruby on Rails Development Company. I’m passionate and dedicated about my craft, and i always goes the extra mile for his employers and clients.

Instituted style guides, linting rules, and best practices for the project.

Drove initiatives for performant, well-tested code and an architecture that reduced redundancy and provided more freedom to update the customer experience independent of scheduled app releases.

Lead operational management of the front-end of the Skills & Games section of the Alexa app, including bi-weekly release oversight, pipeline and deployment management, and significant performance improvements. Additionally, developed proprietary tooling in TypeScript for a React Native package to emits metrics to monitoring dashboards and alarms in order to improve operational visibility of a live experience.

Designed the front-end architecture for and lead the development of the Wedding Registry Alexa Skill Blueprint Editor for the Amazon Retail Website. This package was built in React and has integrations with a Spring-based back-end for saving drafts, retrieving, publishing, and sharing custom Wedding Registry Alexa skills, and included React form components such as an audio recorder, image picker, and file uploader.