The Online AutoCad Training in Hyderabad by Pragna Technologies is a preparation program where you will be prepared in PC supported drafting and configuration utilizing AutoCAD. Upon the consummation of this preparation, you will chip away at a venture where you will execute diverse components you learned in the preparation. The venture will shift contingent upon your stream, it is as per the following: 1. Common/Architectural/Interior stream: Plans, Elevations, Sections, Layout drawings. 2. Electrical and Electronics stream: Electrical Schematic/Single line/Circuit graphs. 3. Mechanical stream: Mechanical Fabrication and Isometric drawings. Alongside great viable presentation you will likewise get sufficient hypothetical know how in different center ideas in Computer Aided Design (CAD) which will enable them to perform well in a meeting related with CAD.

You will be acquainted with AutoCAD interface and you will figure out how to accomplish accuracy in making lines, focuses, circle and circular segments.

Figure out how to configuration shapes. Learn about the key ideas of Layers.

Find out about the ideas and uses of squares and how to make isometric planes and drawings.

Figure out how to make 3D models utilizing Basic 3D strong demonstrating.

The expert courses give the understudies finish understanding on the drafting and demonstrating and additionally examination instruments utilized as a part of building outline, this course incorporates the requirements of every single structural specialist and planners. Objective: The course guarantees that the member is outfitted with abilities to complete the errands of a working proficient in the field of building outline


It is anything but difficult to take in the SAP MM module on the off chance that you take after the organized and tried preparing guide with points of reference to think about your advance on a course of events. In SAP MM online training at Pragna technologies the teacher watches out for your advance and doles out additional regard for understudies who need it.

SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package that is used for Procurement Handling and Inventory Management, it outlines the purpose behind each

Managers are searching for assets who are all around prepared in how to design the SAP MM module in a well ordered organized arrangement. That is the reason we have painstakingly outlined the SAP MM course to surpass business desires. The SAP MM preparing is hands-on appropriate from the earliest starting point. Understudies are offered access to a genuine SAP framework to hone. Least required is 3 hours consistently yet since the get to be 24×7 understudies may rehearse as much as they need.

The present rendition of our SAP materials administration course educational modules is the aftereffect of commitments made by numerous senior SAP MM advisors who have introduction of an assortment of businesses in the US. It is always developing to keep pace with the regularly evolving commercial center. This preparation requires that understudies rehearse many hours before touching their resume. Our understudies venture into the SAP work advertise totally arranged to confront the difficulties of the mind-boggling business world.

There is a worldwide interest for SAP MM specialists. That much stated, a genuine duty and commitment is required to meet the common measures. Although confirmation is at times specified on work postings, it will go far to build up your value. We ask our understudies to go for confirmation inside one month of finishing the preparation.