The trailer for the Halloween update coming to across the Animal Crossing New Horizons are finally released and show off all the new fun spooky features coming to the game but while most of its focus is on the Halloween holiday, there’s still a lot of secrets and hidden details here throughout the trailer. There are lots of new ACNH items that will be available in the game. You can also use the pumpkin to create a unique ACNH pumpkin patch on your island.

The ACNH fall update is going to be coming out on September 30th which is about five days from now, typically, Nintendo does it having the trailer the week before and the update, you’ll see the villager walking through a very spooky looking cemetery with tons of new furniture surrounding. Let’s list out all the fun spooky new items that look to come to the game, including the stack of jack-o-lanterns, the Halloween archway, there’s also the sad jack-o-lantern hanging from an arch with a little bat next to it and in a later scene in the trailer, you actually see that the pumpkin sways in the wind which is a really cool detail also a little bit in the trailer you’ll see a furniture item for a bowl of candy a little pumpkin with a bunch of candy overflowing from it hidden right behind here you can actually see that there’s a pumpkin stool which looks like a pumpkin just basically cut in half that assumedly you’ll be able to sit on as well as place items on top of throughout the trailer. There’s a wide variety of different kind of jack-o’-lanterns, there’s a single jack lantern there’s the parent and child jack-o’-lantern which essentially is bigger and a smaller one next to each other, you also see a couple of instances of this one by one small hay in the shape of a box which is a new item because we did have the hay bed, but i don’t think we have this hay probably a hay stool that we see here having the candy ball on it as well as in the background having a jack lantern on top of it, another item is the scarecrow jack but this one’s a little bit tricky in the diy segment of the trailer when it talks about crafting these halloween themed furniture items we’ll talk about more how they’re made in just a second the scene follows up showing the player putting down the pumpkin scarecrow however earlier in the trailer in a different scene when we see the player go into nook’s cranny you can first observe that they’re bringing back the seasonal furniture slop the fourth item that can be sold at nook’s cranny as you can see clearly right here that they’re selling the scarecrow jack, it’s probably just a random furnished item but then why would they also showcase it during the time when they’re crafting different diys.