Out of the several payment services that are available, finding one that caters to the needs of your business is important. At the same time, it is necessary that you look at PayTabs secure payment services as consumers feel confident when on eCommerce stores that give importance to payment security.

So, how do you know that a payment service is secure and the perfect choice for your business? The answer lies in looking for the following signs:

User Experience

User experience is essential as a payment service that has a convoluted user interface will result in shopping cart abandonment even if it offers optimal security. At the same time, the payment gateway should not have an impact on the design and structure of your eCommerce site and should be mobile-friendly so that you can offer seamless payment services to all your customers.

Payment Security

Secure payment services have fraud protection methods in place to identify credit and debit card fraud. They are also compliant with PCI-DSS, giving you peace of mind. Above all, a secure payment service will ensure it offers customers privacy. In this day and age, where privacy is constantly compromised due to data leaks, customers lay a lot of emphasis on this and feel comfortable only on sites that assure 100% privacy. Furthermore, a reliable and dependable payment service will have measures in place to prevent fraudulent chargebacks.

Meeting the Needs of Your Business

You may be geotargeting your customers. In which case, the payment service should allow your customers to pay in their currency. Research has revealed that most consumers are more comfortable paying in their currency rather than foreign currency as it takes time and effort to do currency conversion. So, the payment service should first extend to the geographical region you are targeting and also enable you to accept payments in local currency.

Cost of Using the Payment Service

Ensure that the payment service is aptly priced. Integrating it with your eCommerce store should be easy and thereafter, the service should charge you a fixed fee so that you do not end up paying outrageous costs. Make sure that you spend time checking the different fee structures so that you can choose one that suits your needs. You should be able to scale up the service if the need arises and scale it down if your business is not performing optimally. This freedom to choose will give you peace of mind.

Real-time Metrics

A good and reliable payment processor will provide you with essential performance metrics that you can analyze for useful insights. Speed, success rate, and decline rate are some of the metrics that the service should offer customers.

In Conclusion

Make sure that the payment service provides 24/7 customer support. That way, if there is a problem with payments out of business hours, you will be able to resolve it. Take these aforementioned tips to choose from the available secure payment services so that you end up with one that is best suited for your business.