• Gadgets help in customizing your desktop with useful features that often avoid extra time spent on checking the other folders. If you wish to know about the battery condition, to know about the CPU performance, the gadgets come to the scene.
  • Most of the computer users know clearly about the use of these applications and how it helps in saving time. You can install the desired ones on your desktop without any hassles.

The Windows 7 gadgets download should be based on your specific needs as there are lots of available ones. But installing all of them on your desktop may not be a better idea as it makes a clouded appearance. So selecting the specific gadgets is your task before you browse any site for the download.

Several ones are developed especially for Windows 7 with additional features. The best trueform cool gadget used by most of the people includes the date, calendar and month. The “blue calendar” for Windows 7 blends wonderfully with the bluish theme of Windows.

Most of the Windows 7 gadgets download options prefer the gadget “I forgot the milk” that allows you to complete, add or postpone the tasks. You can also customize everything associated with this one.

By using the “system control”, you can perform many important commands from the same panel. It features sleep mode, shutdown, restarts and accessing the control panel. You can customize this gadget in the way you prefer and this is quite useful as a part of your desktop. The download is quite secure from the official site and it will save your valuable time.

Most of the people who are familiar with the Windows vista would know about the functionality of different gadgets. In Windows 7, these are presented in more advanced forms so that most of the gadget lovers prefer these highly customizable ones of Windows 7. The download is a simple task that takes just a few minutes.

You can find several gadgets from the Windows 7 gallery, but selecting the gadget varies according to the needs of the user. The download can be really easy and reliable if you choose the right official site to download the gadgets.

Top Gadgets For Windows 7

It is always nice to have useful and attractive gadgets on your desktop. Windows is undoubtedly the most successful operating system that invaded the hearts of many people recently. The gadgets of this new version are designed to offer a “cool” outlook to the Windows 7.

Windows 7 offers the unique opportunity to load your desktop with useful gadgets with a higher degree of customization. You can select the desired ones from a great pool of advanced gadgets specially made for Windows 7.

The “clipboard manager” is an advanced version of the one that was used in the Vista. Despite the limited functionality of the older one, this gadget is rich with features and looks slick. You can customize this gadget so that you can even keep a photo as the background.

The features like “App launcher” and “Magic folder” are quite useful. The App launcher works the same as the Quick Launch toolbar of the older versions. This gadget can be placed anywhere on the desktop.

Although the icon of the” Magical folder” lacks a professional touch, it functions very effectively. If you are one among the many people who don’t get enough time to place the files on the desktop to the real locations, this one might be for you. The magic folder works just like a godsend as it drags the files to the folder and separates it according to the file extensions.

Then the files are sent to the right folder. A screening of the available functions will be of great help to select the right one.

There are many other gadgets for Windows 7 and the list includes a notepad, pidgin, world cup, lyrics, eve online, internet speed, a reminder with MP3 support, iTunes gadget and many others.

If you work with colors, you can choose the “color picker” gadget for the Windows 7 gadgets download. It enables you to work with multiple applications and includes an online color palette search option. Selecting the most advanced and useful gadget is necessary for the super cool look of your desktop along with functionality.