SEO is on everyone’s checklist. Why? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, in other words, a compilation of several tips and tricks to make sure that a website is entirely optimized and visible in the first page of the search results, hopefully in the top three results. Even though SEO is one of the most sought after online marketing mediums, only a few websites make it to the first page of the search engine results page, whereas others struggle to make it to even the second or third pages of the results page.

3 Pillars of SEO

In this article, we will find out the reason why only a few websites make it to the first page of the results and can hold their positions for a long time, whereas other sites fail even to make it in the first page of the results.

1. Content

2. Links

3. Social Media

Let’s discuss each of these pillars in detail –

1. Content

This goes without saying – Content is the ultimate king! However, make note that not any content works! Only a content piece which is informative, appealing, and helps customers find solutions to their queries work. In the last few years, ‘content marketing’ has become a huge buzzword that is taking rounds on the internet, maybe because Google Algo updates have started to prioritize high-quality content.

There is no definite formula or standards that you must follow to optimize your content marketing strategies. Instead, all you need to make sure is that your customers’ queries are being met at all the levels of a customer’s buying cycle. This said you must be ready with relevant information produced in different content formats – articles, blogs, videos, images, infographics, podcasts and more (whichever is relevant to your potential audience).

2. Links

Yes, even today. Building a solid link foundation is crucial to the success of your business online. However, there is one difference – unlike before, building links mindlessly just won’t do. The links that you now invest time building must be relevant, of good authority, and should make sense to the audience and the web crawlers.

Purchasing links is a big no-no – it will hurt our website in ways that it would become difficult for you to overcome it. Google is transparent that it will not count in paid links, and instead, it might penalize or block your website entirely from showing up in the search results.

Make sure that you produce good content that other websites would want to link to, and the readers would want to read. Note that both internal and external linkages are given weightage – both being equally important for your website’s success with NJ SEO Company.

3. Social Media

Now. Many would question this third pillar at first – because we all know that Google does not count social links. But if you look more closely, Google does count in the traffic and engagement on websites. The best way to lure more and more customers to visit your site, engage with it, and hopefully click on your desired Calls-To-Action is via the social media route. Popular social media platforms like Facebook have 1 billion active users every day! Imagine if you optimize your social media strategies, post your blog links on the platforms, and encourage your social media followers to visit your website via several paid and organic methods? Your website traffic will soon increase, and you will be at a better position to receive higher conversion rates!


Amid all the online search competition, do not forget your ultimate goal, i.e. to bring in more customers to your website and increase your conversions. Remember that your website is your most important salesperson! As the SEO environment is continuing to change, your team should always be on its toes to keep up with these changes and ensure that your website is always positioned better in the search. Do not indulge in SEO bad practices like spam, keyword stuffing, and broken backlinks or else your site will bring you losses, instead of profits.

Not just these three pillars, SEO demands way more efforts than you can imagine! Fun fact? SEO is made of over 200 primary and minor factors! This said it is a much better idea to give your SEO project to an experienced Best SEO Services in New Jersey, which has delivered reliable results in the past!