There is no denying the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in digital marketing. Irrespective of the type and size of your business website and the niche you are operating in, SEO plays a crucial role in ascertaining your website’s positioning in the search results. This is only possible by a leading SEO Company in Delhi India.

Considering the rising levels of competition in the internet space, it has become imperative for every business to incorporate SEO strategy to their overall marketing strategy to ensure maximum website traffic, rising conversion rates, and online branding.

5 SEO Strategies For Your Business

In this article, we will discuss the top five SEO strategies that, if put in continuous practice, will reap impressive results for your business.

Here is everything that we will throw light on –

1. Keyword Research

2. Quality of content

3. Metadata

4. Importance of Backlinks

5. Alt Tags and Descriptions

Let’s begin!

1. Keyword Research

The first and the foremost step in every digital marketing strategy – be it SEO or PPC – is to conduct keyword research to find out what words and phrases the users use for searching information relevant to your niche. We do keyword research to shortlist primary and secondary keywords and execute further SEO strategies based on these keywords. This is done to show a particular website for the keyword that the users are entering in the search engine.

2. Quality of Content

As mentioned before, competition in the online space is rising. Today, people expect more than just a mere sales pitch from the business. The online audience prefers to conduct their own research online before making a buying decision. Therefore you must be present at every stage of the buyer’s decision-making process. This can be done by creating great pieces of content and information that help and guide the users in making a good decision. Creating content does not mean only articles. You can produce content in other formats as well like info-graphics, videos, images, podcasts, and more.

3. Metadata

Metadata is content you add in the source code of every page that determines what a user sees in the search results. In every web page, metadata is added in the space between the <head> tag. Metadata is primarily of three types – title metadata which is responsible for titles on the page, description metadata responsible for the textual description, and keyword metadata responsible for adding the keywords that you are targeting on your web page.

4. Importance of Backlinks

Creating backlinks is one of the most critical steps to be taken in defining the rankings of a website in the search results. Creating high authority backlinks goes a long way in every SEO strategy. This is one of the heftiest and tiring tasks in SEO. It can be time taking but surely worth it. You can start by producing an informative piece of content for your niche then you can contact the top websites in your niche and ask them to add the information piece to their website and link back to your site.

Backlinks are more like a token of confidence and trust that indicates your credibility to the search engines and as a result, rank your website higher in the search.

5. Alt Tags and Descriptions

The basic use of alt tags is to describe the visual media that you have added to your website – images and videos. Alt Tags or alternative text descriptions allow the search engines to locate and read the media on your website. You can optimize these alt tags by adding your primary and secondary keywords to these alt tags to improve your visibility on Google Images.


Today, no website can rank higher in the search results without SEO. SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a compilation of over two hundred factors that your website needs to check before the ranking and holding your website’s position in the search results. While you can take on your website’s SEO project on your own, it is always better to hire a professional SEO Company in Delhi that can help you resolve any issues on your website and make it rank higher in the search results.

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