If your business uses RoadRunner as your Internet service provider, your package includes one or more email accounts. While you can check your email on the provider’s website, you can also add your account to Outlook to check RoadRunner and your accounts from other email providers in one place. If you have multiple RoadRunner email addresses, adding them all to Outlook can be a significant timesaver for Roadrunner email settings on outlook

Add Roadrunner Email to your Outlook Account

  • Click Outlook’s “File” button and click “Add Account” in the right pane. Click “Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types” since RoadRunner needs manual configuration.
  • Select “Internet E-mail” as the account type. Type your full name and RoadRunner email address in the first two boxes.

  • Click the “Account Type” drop-down list and select “POP3.” Type “pop-server.domain.rr.com” as the incoming mail server and “smtp-server.domain.rr.com” as the outgoing server, replacing “domain” with the state abbreviation shown in your email address.

  • Type your RoadRunner username and password in the following fields. Click the “Remember Password” check box to save your password.

Steps To Setup RoadRunner Email Settings 

RoadRunner is a free email service that can be accessed from a mobile or desktop email client by configuring the necessary server settings. If you wish to add your RoadRunner email account, have a look at the RoadRunner email settings given below.

Step 1:User Name: RoadRunner email address

Step 2:Password: Your account password

Step 3:Incoming Mail Server: mail.domain.com

Step 4:IMAP Port: 993

Step 5:IMAP Security: SSL/TLS

Step 6:Outgoing Mail Server: mail.domain.com

Step 7: SMTP Port: 587

Step 8: SMTP Security: STARTTLS

RoadRunner Email Account Mac Mail:

Step 1: First, open Finder and select Applications.

Step 2: In the Applications folder, give a double-click on the Mail app.

Step 3: Once the Mail app is launched, click the Mail menu at the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Select the Add Account option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: From the list of email service providers, click the Other Mail Account radio button followed by Continue.

Step 6: On the Add a Mail account screen, enter your name in the Name field. This can be done through RoadRunner email settings

Step 7: Enter your RoadRunner email address in the Email Address field.

Step 8: Enter your RoadRunner email account’s password in the Password field.

Step 9: Click the Sign-In button to proceed with the account setup.

Step 10: On the next screen, enter your RoadRunner email address in the Email Address and User Name fields.

Step 11: Enter your RoadRunner account’s password in the Password field.

Step 12: Select IMAP from the Account Type drop-down menu.

Step 13:Enter the incoming mail server name (for example, mail.twc.com) in the Incoming Mail Server field.

Step 14:Type your outgoing mail server name (for example, mail.twc.com) in the Outgoing Mail Server field.

Step 15:Click the Sign-In button and wait until the RoadRunner account is verified.

Step 16: If prompted, add the certificate to trust your settings and choose the apps that you wish to use with the account.

Step 17: Click Done and check if the RoadRunner email settings for an account has been added to your Apple Mail.

How To Setup Roadrunner Email For Android?

The RoadRunner email is an email administration gave when Warner Cable Internet specialist co-op. On the off chance that you are utilizing this ISP, at that point chances are you have been given a Roadrunner email account which can be gotten to by means of webmail ( a program) or by utilizing an email customer.

If you would like to access your RoadRunner email account on your Android device then listed below are the necessary settings that you need to know.

Open the Email app.

Enter your Road Runner email address, then tap “Next”.

Select “Personal (POP3)“, then tap “Next”.

Type your RoadRunner password, then tap “Next”.

Input the Incoming Server settings

Username: Your full email address with @maine.rr.com included at the end (this will vary based on your location. Example satx.rr.com or something else).

Password: Your RoadRunner webmail password.

Server: pop-server.maine.rr.com (this will vary based on your location)

Port: 110

Security type: None

Once this is done input the Outgoing Server settings.

Server: smtp-server.maine.rr.com (domain varies based on location).

Port: 587 (May also be 25)

Security type: None

Require sign-in: Check

Username: [email protected] (domain varies based on location)

Password: Your RoadRunner email password.

Tap on “Next” option, then tap “Next” again.

Next, enter your name in the “Your name” field. People who’ll receive emails from you, will see this name.

Tap on “Next”. That’s it.

If the above settings do not work then try the following alternate server settings.

Incoming server: pop-server.rr.com

Outgoing server: smtp-server.rr.com

Once this has been set up you can now access your Roadrunner Email account using your Android device visit Spectrum Roadrunner Email Settings