Shine Mortgages today announced that now it has extended limit of insurance cover for the mortgage holders. As the issues of the financial crisis have increased due to covid-19 threat to the UK economy, it has become necessary to give more robust protection to the borrowers.

The rich panel of renowned insurance companies that broker owns is all set to give enhanced security to the customers. Financial conditions of the people are chaotic, and it is challenging for them to find harmony with the circumstances. They have the intention to repay the funds through timely instalments, but the economic situations are worst. People have a large number of challenges in their personal finances.

Shine Mortgages want to help the property buyers to get back their normalcy as soon as possible. If they are backed-up with an adequate amount in insurance, they can make confident decisions on property buying. The broker had many rounds of the meetings with all the associated insurance companies. Finally, a collective decision to increase the cover of mortgage insurance was taken for the well being of the borrowers.

Mark Walker – the Senior Loan Executive at Shine Mortgages, said – ‘As the online mortgage broker, we have to make everything convenient as much as possible. We are always concerned about the concerns of our customers. Whether it is about the existing ones or the new ones, we always try to provide them with the best possible comfort. Already due to the Corona pandemic situations are quite stressful. We do understand that this period is difficult for the property buyers; all their plans have experienced a sudden jerk. They have many things in front of them in the name of the national responsibilities. To help mortgage holder get things done with ease, we are increasing the limit of insurance cover. However, individual eligibility rules will apply. We can assure you that the customers are going to get a far bigger limit on insurance as compared to the previous conditions before covid-19.

About the Company

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