We offer a diverse range of transportation services from project cargo to international transportation and domestic retail distribution and delivery. We can also optimize your packaging, manage your materials sourcing, and so much more.

For the past 10 years we have been working with our clients to provide shipping and packaging solutions ranging from simple documents to whole house belongings as well as commercial containers. At Inter Air & Sea we take care to make sure your goods arrive at their destination, hassle free and within the timescales specified. We specialise in international shipments of packages and goods as well as providing specialist services such as the shipping of non-standards products and complete bulk shipments and removals.

Service Offered Include:

Packaging and cargo preparation

Shipping of antiques and other fragile items

Excess Baggage Solutions

Sending large, bulk items such as containers, cars, furniture and a multitude of bespoke goods

Contact Us for packaging and cargo preparation, shipping of antiques and other fragile items, excess baggage solutions and containers and bulk items.

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Working with the world’s most reliable carriers to match your shipping requirements to your specified destination counties. Whilst many courier companies will pass you back to the main carriers when problems arise we guarantee a personal service to communicate with the carriers on your behalf.

Inter Air & Sea work with customs and clearance in destination countries to get your shipment to its destination.

We do our utmost to point out any issues that may arise before any shipments are made to give you a trouble free shipping and freight forwarding service that reduces the risks of any issues arising along the way.

Shipping to Australia