There is no need to hang on to items that don’t serve a purpose in your life. Anything that you don’t use or like should be removed from your life and home.

However, many times it is not the issue of wanting to get rid of or not. More often than not it comes down to the question of what to do with it once you decide it should be removed from your sight.

Should you donate?

There is not a universal rule when something is donatable and when not. Meaning, people have different understandings of what can be donated and what should end up in the trash.

When in doubt, ask yourself if an item is in a good shape, meaning, it looks nice, it is not corroded, neglected or worn out. Ask yourself if it is in a working condition and make sure it doesn’t need repair. Also, a good test would be to decide to donate only items that you would originally sell but you can not find the time and effort to do so. This way you would make sure that you are not giving away junk and creating further unnecessary work for charity organizations.

Should you sell?

We all have those items we overpaid for but never truly liked and used. Keeping always at the back of our minds that it was valuable and should be treated the same way. Meaning, it could and should be sold for a substantial amount of money.

Contrary to popular opinion, this isn’t always the situation.

Basically, the “sell pile” can get a bit tiring. A lot of the time we keep the sell pile just because we are aware of how much we paid for those things. In reality, this leads to unnecessary hoarding. If you want to avoid this scenario, make sure your sell pile consists only of things you are sure you would take your time and actually sell.

Otherwise, there is no need for this pile at all.

An exception to this rule would be holding on to possessions of great value. Such are valuable paintings or antique furniture. Those should be kept and kept safe until the right time for sale comes. In order to avoid clutter at your home, check out some safe storage units in Wild Rose.

Should you through out?

This step should be the last one you take in this process. The reason is simple. After you decide what should be sold and donated, the pile remaining should be taken to the trash.

However, sometimes it is not as simple.

People with serious hoarding habits can hardly distinguish between these. Therefore, if you have a tendency of creating unnecessary clutter and holding on things that you don’t have a value of anymore, you should just throw it all out.

This is in no way an incentive to behave recklessly and throw away stuff that can have value for others. But, for some, it is a good first step. There will be times in the future when you would see more clearly what can be donated or sold, but when in doubt, throw it out.