Water leak is one of the biggest problems you could face in Melbourne City. Water leaks can not only increase your monthly water bill but can also destroy your home appliances, structure, and even can fully flood your home. Water leak detection is very important to save your house from the destruction of a water leak. But you can detect water leaks only when you are aware of the signs of Water Leak. In this article, we are going to discuss some major signs of a water leak. By observing these signs, you can easily detect the source and spot of water leaks.

Signs of Water Leak

There are the following major signs of water leak,

Extraordinary high-water bill:

A high monthly water bill is one of the biggest signs of water leaks. You have noticed that in normal condition, your water bill remains constant throughout the year (in the range of $10-$20 only). In normal conditions, you can face high billing only if you are hosting house guests or filling a swimming pool with water in the month of July (In both these cases the consumption of water becomes high). If you are not having house guests nor filling a swimming pool and still facing a high bill of water, it is the main sign of a water leak. You should immediately start water leak detection by yourself or hiring the services of a plumber in any part of Melbourne.

Running Water noise

If you are hearing the noise of running water and all your appliance is off, it is a big sign of water leak. You should immediately check your outdoor spigots and toilet valves and home appliances valves. After completing the checking, you should note down the exact reading at your water meter and don’t use the water for some time. If the water reading remains the same as you note down earlier, there is no water leak and perhaps you have some hearing problems, but if the reading changes, you should immediately take water leak measures.

Damp Floor

If you suddenly squish while walking across your floor and you are absolutely sure nothing is spilled on the floor earlier, it can be a sign of your sewer leakage. Temporarily, you can remove the problem by just soak it up but this is not a permanent solution. If you leave sewer leakage untreated, the moisture will build up and can cause the destruction of your floor or the growth of mold or mildew. One of your family members can easily slip from that kind of floor. So, it is very necessary to take immediate measures to solve this problem.

Foul Odors

It is scientifically proven that foul odors can be produced in places where water runs or leak thoroughly. So, if there is an unpleasant smell in your house and you are unable to find the source of this smell, it could be the sign of a Water leak. The foul odors are more commonly caused by the growth of mold and mildew and leaking water is the best source of their growth. If you have figured out the foul odors are due to a water leak, don’t waste your time in thinking and immediately call your plumber. Your plumber will help you in mitigating the damage.

Wall Cracks

Water leak works like an enemy of your home’s structure. Even a minor water leak can produce cracks in the walls of your home and destroy the foundations. You are probably thinking that how can this happen? The water leaks from a source continuously accumulates in the foundations of walls and cause them to shift. These shifts appear in the form of cracks in the walls. On watching these cracks, you should immediately understand that something bad is ongoing with your water supply system. Try to trace the source of water leaks by using Water leak detectors available in the markets nowadays.

If you are facing all of these signs, you should not waste a second and immediately call a plumber to help. The earlier you stop the water leak, the less will be destruction. In many cases, it is found that minor water leaks can lead to flooding of the whole house. So taking care is necessary.