Sleep plays a very important and crucial role in everybody’s life. Getting a good sleep at night not only keeps a person healthier for long but also keeps the aging process of mind, body and skin far away. A recent study by Estee Lauder has demonstrated the fact that person with less amount of sleep has more signs of skin aging and slow recovery levels from various environmental stressors like UV Rays.

A study by the researchers of UCLA has discovered that insufficient sleep for a single night can cause great damage to the aging cells of adults. This seems not to be a big deal at all but it brings along a lot of diseases with them like heart ailments, cancer, sclerosis in multiple areas and many others.

Physical Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep in a person increases the stress factor levels which in turn increases the risk of

• Diabetes

• Heart Attack

• Heart Disease

• High Blood Pressure

• Obesity

• Cerebral Stroke

Mental Affects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleeplessness also effects the mental condition which subsequently leads to aging. These effects are:

• Difficulty in concentration

• Lapse of memory

• Difficult to perform tasks

• Loss of appetite

Sleeplessness harms the production of leptin, a hormone which signals the fullness after having food. So, with the lack of leptin a person experiences increased appetite which results to overeating and carbohydrate cravings. Obesity brings on many health issues which enhances aging like strokes and heart related ailments.

Effects on immune system

Cytokine production in a body is hampered by sleeplessness. Cytokine is a kind of protein that helps a body to fight against various infections and diseases. This along with fall in the cytokine level a person’s body becomes more open to different illnesses which in turn enhances aging.

Diabetes accelerates sleep and aging

Risk of diabetes increases with the worsening of resistance to insulin, the cause of which is again sleep deprivation. Diabetes effects various systems of the body and lead to severe health issues which includes heart ailments, high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage.

The American Diabetes Association (2000) states that the age of people having diabetes seems much more than their tabulated age as diabetes speeds up the aging process.

How to stay away from Sleeplessness Effects

Enhanced aging caused by deprivation of sleep can be controlled by maintaining a n accurate sleep regimen. A Doctors consultation or advice from a sleep specialist is strictly needed if sleeplessness is a regular process for a person.You can buy medicines like etizolam online as prescribed medicine for anxiety, sleeplessness and insomnia.

Some controllable sleep disorders become the pillars of sleep deprivation which can be controlled by implementing some suggestions like:

• Avoiding alcohol, nicotine or caffeinated drinks before bedtime

• Avoiding acidity or indigestion by treating them

• Ambience of sleep must be created properly with prevailing darkness

• Regularization of exercising especially early in the morning

• Keeping a prefixed time slot for wake and sleep

• Listening to relaxing music can also help

Final Words

Sleep problems although increases with growing age but if a person is complaining about the same reportedly then it must be taken into action.

At last we can conclude that aging happens to all human beings, faster or later, but notable conditions are faster aging people does not get proper sleep compared to later aging ones.