We are going to welcome 2021, but the enjoyment of 2020 is still not fulfilled because of the pandemic COVID. Serendipity Arts, a leading non-profit arts foundation is all set to make your 2020 memorable with its multidisciplinary programs. Every year, the destination of South Asian festival is Goa in December, but this year it is organizing virtually from https://www.serendipityartsvirtual.com. All you need to register at free of cost to become an audience or participant of various workshops. The event has already begun. If you have missed the SAF festival virtually from 4th December to 19th December, hurry to register for the remaining events. The South Asian festival will go on for more than 2 weeks. It will feature dance, music, craft, and more. No matter wherever you are staying, the enjoyment of Serendipity festival is not going to miss. So, register today!

Here are highlights of 20th December 2020 SAF festival.

Screening of One, One and One

Does dance excite you? Do you want to discover a new original dance piece choreographed by Noa Wertheim (an artistic director and choreographer of the Vertigo Dance Company)? Serendipity Arts invites you to enjoy a dance event online on 19th December. One, One & One reflects both the internal and external worlds by developing the metaphoric relationship between far and near. It is a live dance program that has been airing since 14th December and will last for 2 weeks. Credit of the dance goes to Vertigo Dance Company.

The Last Poet

It is a multilayered art form that combines film, theatre, creative coding, sound art, live performance, and digital scenography. The program is directed by Amitesh Grover. The program is featuring from 18th December and will last on 21st December. Hurry to register for the show.

Culinary Workshop

Serendipity Arts has decided to conduct a culinary workshop almost every day. On 20th December, expert chefs will take your culinary imagination to the next level. You will learn how to prepare a refreshing Goan drink, Tambde Rosa. It is made from coconut feni and birindao. The next item is Alphonso Mango Chilli. It is a delicious recipe, made from curry leaves, yogurt, sugar, mint leaves, and mustard seeds. Keep your ingredients ready to join the workshop.

These are special attractions of 20th December Serendipity Arts Festival. Registration is in full swing. Hurry to visit the virtual site for registration and save the time of your favourite events into your personal calendar.