A Schengen visa is a visa that lets one travel across the entire Schengen region consisting of major countries of EU including Germany, France, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and others in the region. It is one of the best tourist visas to travel across 27 countries in the Schengen region, the biggest free-travel zone on this planet. The visa is valid for a period of 90 days with strict penalties for people who try to stay beyond the specified period of time. Though the rules are strict, there is a way to apply for long term Schengen visa. However, in order to do so you need to produce strong and sound reasons of staying back and extending your stay. It is important to file the application for visa extension much in advance before expiry of the visa. There are grounds on which tourists can extend stay – reasons like late entry into the region, on humanitarian grounds like a funeral service or an emergency medical treatment, Force Majeure, or any other personal reasons – but the reason needs to chosen credibly.

Since the rules are very strict and there are stricter penalties for over-staying, it is important to have the paperwork done the right way. Besides, after the application is filed and the reason established, there is an interview round. The face-to-face meeting is crucial and it is essential that the right kind of preparation is done to face the questions from officials and answer them appropriately. Helping applicants with thorough paperwork and assisting them in preparing well-in-advance for the interview is the Hamburg-based law office of Saeed Jaberi. The law office known as Jaberi Lawyer offers specialized and exclusive legal support and assistance in immigration-related affairs. Having been involved this area of work for the last eight years, the law firm offers competent services helping applicants in successfully getting their Schengen visa extended on a long-term basis.

Jaberi Lawyers also provide focussed and all-encompassing legal services, be it a standard case of Blue Card EU visa or permanent residency permit. Needless to say, the firm offers superlative quality services, be it helping with visa application, handling detailed paperwork as well as providing support with permanent residence permit in Germany requirements. Understanding all these requirements and getting the documentation done is quite challenging and can be daunting at times. With the able support of Jaberi Lawyers, it is possible to complete even the most complicated and demanding immigration-related case, in the given time frame and smoothly.