One of the most important decisions for any large-scale build or construction site comes long before a single hole has been dug or piece of machinery operated.

The significance of specifying a company, product and solution that doesn’t just satisfy the constraints of a particular site, but offers the best possible answer to those constraints, cannot be understated.

“Often appointed contractors look for the cheapest product or upfront quote, rather than adopting a long-term vision and thinking of the other tangible benefits associated with pre-cast solution”


At Australian Tanks we want to make it as easy and accessible as possible for engineers to trust our products and ultimately specify ATQ solutions on their site drawings, whether it be a traditional tender or design and construct situation.

To achieve this, we ensure that every engineer, builder and company we deal with understands the benefits of our solutions and the type of situations where they are ideally suited.

Essentially, we trust YOU to specify Australian Tanks knowing other companies cannot compete with our solutions, because you trust OUR proven track record of delivering a timely, cost-effective, and quality service.

Our integrity as a company is built on the premise of honesty and working to our strengths. In truth, we know as much as anyone that we may not always be the best solution to a particular job…

But that’s why we have what Australian Tanks Managing Director Les Green calls our specification “sweet spot”, where we can offer a suite of benefits superior to any other product on the market.

Our company integrity is embodied by the dedicated members of our Engineering and Sales Teams, none more so than Director of Sales Scott Opie, who’s successful career as a plumber, hydraulics specialist and tank expert has stretched over 30 years.

Scott’s position as an industry authority is underpinned by his close working relationships with some of Australia’s largest and most respected civil engineering companies, involved heavily in innovation within the industry.

As our Director of Sales, Scott knows more about our products and relationships with engineers, project managers and companies than anyone, and is also one of the most genuine advocates for the benefits of our pre-cast solutions when specified in the “sweet spot”.

Basically, when specified in any situation that suits the sweet spot of our pre-cast solutions, as an engineer or project manager, you know the builder will be getting the benefits of:

An installation time that is far superior to that of traditional “block and slab”.

Fewer site downtimes and blow-out costs from other build components having to be put on pause.

An innovative and proven solution for weight-bearing and anti-floatation.

A solution that is trafficable immediately after being backfilled and covered.

The highest quality, fully certified design.

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While there’s no doubt that money talks and price inevitably plays some part in what product or solution is settled on, Australian Tanks pride themselves on competing on quality – a trait that we know from experience our engineer’s value and trust above all else.

Australian Tanks’ Consulting Engineer Michael Spiller has a wealth of experience and industry knowledge but always comes back to the quality of technology utilised in Australian Tanks’ products and their benefits.

Michael sees the practice of products being specified based on an upfront quote rather than their quality as one of the biggest challenges currently facing the construction industry.

Indeed, he believes that if engineers and companies were more aware of the long-term cost and quality benefits of specifying pre-cast solutions, they would choose the likes of ATQ products at every appropriate opportunity.

“Often appointed contractors look for the cheapest product or upfront quote, rather than adopting a long-term vision and thinking of the other tangible benefits associated with pre-cast solutions,” Michael said

“The pre-cast solution is more cost efficient in the long run and that’s what we need to educate the industry on. Pre-cast is definitely the way of the future, but either through habit or a perceived notion of affordability we find that block and slab use remains abundant in the industry.”

Michael’s groundbreaking work on products like The Parthenon has been a direct result of seeking to efficiently and cost-effectively solve the problems commonly associated with these built on-site systems.

Subsequently, Michael can’t advocate enough for the use of pre-cast designs to offset time- related issues, and also safety.

“ATQ solutions offer the many unique benefits associated with off-site manufacture in a controlled environment, negating the time, cost and safety related risks associated with ‘block and slab’ construction,” Michael said

“Our products can turn potential weeks or months of labour into a matter of days; slashing costs, speeding up the job site and reducing delays.”

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