YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is found on the research that since 2014 there has been a 40% increase in people’s watching YouTube video. Over one billion users use YouTube and no other platform can be as good as YouTube. But in YouTube marketing, the role of the keyword is very important and it is the keyword that helps to get free subscribers.

Yes, you cannot deny the fact that only keywords will not solve all your purpose it is also very important that your video is also very interesting and appealing. But the role of the keyword in making your YouTube channel a success cannot be ignored. That is the reason why every marketer should look to insert the most relevant keyword while choosing while deciding to advertise their product or services on YouTube channel. Using keywords on the YouTube will also help to optimize the YouTube videos. Once the YouTube channel is optimized and there is a huge chance that the viewer watches your YouTube videos and thereby it will increase your chance of getting the real YouTube subscribers.

 Effect of keywords in YouTube marketing in getting free subscribers 

When we go for YouTube marketing our main goal remains brand awareness, drive leads, improving SEO and enhancing the conversion rate. The use of Keyword in the tags, titles, and description of YouTube video can fulfill all these objectives of the marketer. With YouTube, you can go for various types of advertisement or videos. It is very necessary that youuse not only different keywords but also the most relevant keyword in all kinds of videos that you upload on YouTube. Keywords that are generally placed in the tags, titles, and description of YouTube video will make your audience easily search your YouTube video out of the millions of videos. But relevant keyword for the tags, titles, and description of YouTube video is must and for that, you must take the help of some tool that you help you to determine which keywords are mostly used by the user.

There are various tools available in the market that can find out the most useful and relevant keyword for you. If you use these keywords and if your YouTube videos are not dull and unappealing then there is no doubt that your YouTube channel able to get thousands of subscribers which will ultimately help you achieve all your goals of making the YouTube videos. For making you YouTube channel success it is necessary that you know how to use the keyword in your channel. There are various ways by which you will be able to add a keyword on your YouTube channel that can help you to gain free subscribers. But the most common process which is used by most of the  marketers is given below:

 First, it is necessary to find out the most effective keyword by using YouTube keyword tool.

 Then it is necessary to click on the profile picture of the YouTube channel and select the Creator Studio.

 Then on the left side first click on the channel and then click on Advanced.

 At the top of the page, you will find a textbox for the keyword of the YouTube channel.

 Choose the most relevant keyword and scroll down the page.

 Click on the Save button.

This is the way by which you will be able to set the keyword easily which will help you to get more and more subscribers. So, before you invest a lot of money and effort in making YouTube video it is necessary that you research for the keyword which will help you to get the most number of targeted  customers. Apart from that on the basis of the keyword search data, you will also be able to tweak theidea of the content which already existed or can generate the new content.

The most important thing is that the keyword used in the title, description as well as in the tag of the YouTube channel is very important as far as YouTube SEO is concerned. Nowadays you can find Keyword Keg which is the best alternative of YouTube keyword tool that was already closed down in late 2014. This tool not only shows the most searched keyword but also shows the number of searches taken place per month against that keyword. This is the reason why this tool considered as the best tool that not only helps to find the best tags for your YouTube channel but also helps you to optimize the tags, titles and description of your YouTube channel. It is found that the keyword Six Pack Shortcuts has unbelievable 3,654,977 subscribers and this shows how keywords can put an impact on your YouTube channel and can provide you large number of free subscribers.

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