There is a huge difference between recruitment and talent acquisition. That only a true talent manager would understand. Recruitment is equivalent to a quick-fix and talent acquisition is relatable to a long-term efficient planning. The former is tactical while it the latter is strategic.

A strategic view of the talent management strategy will help the managers while recruitment is not talent management and vice-versa. Recruitment is a onetime tick-off exercise if the effective talent management strategy was in place or not. The talent management is a sum of good recruitment done over a period of time and is never-ending. You are always on the hunt to search for the good candidates for different roles and employing them whenever the opportunity of any vacancy approaches.

Moreover, recruitment ends when a candidate has been hired. Talent management never ends, even when the employee has left the job. Right from a good orientation program to convenient implementation to laying down the description of skill sets required to match a job to effective employee engagement– everything is a part and parcel of the big and great world of talent management.

It is hard to recruit for high ranking positions as the particular sets of skills and accomplishments required have to be justified for that position. If the window to employ such high-ranking positions is large, there is always the opportunities for the next best option. But, choosing for a position which is esteemed in a very short duration is difficult.

Talking about the niche areas which are still developing and the rules haven’t been laid out for the skills, talent, and the descriptions which might be needed- is even more difficult. Skill shortages are emerging as a burning topic to watch out for and companies can actually do themselves a favor by getting ready for the unseen circumstances. The acquisition will always be greater than recruitment because it is what makes a company great.

The world of talent management, through an effective practice of the rubrics of talent management strategy, fosters teamwork, builds a strong company, and boosts productivity. Long-term planning for the company’s success also entails building relationships and networking continuously with individuals who have carved a niche for their work and acumen. If your company keeps on growing, you might require the services of these top men and women.

One way that talent comes knocking at your door is to robustly create an employer brand which is not done in a day just like Rome wasn’t built in a day. A website is a place that can easily create a robust employer brand and with which you can easily grab attention. The social profiles too must be able to connect with the audience and future employees. There are different communities, forums and social networks which can be leveraged to build a long-lasting relationship and brand consciousness. The world of talent management is using the best practices of networking with the individuals. There’s no reason you shouldn’t.