Terrorism is commonly defined as threatening or systematic use of violence for achieving criminal purposes by means of hostage taking, arson, murder, torture, and intimidation of public authorities perpetrated due to religious, political, or ideological motive. This problem is imminent for such country as the United States because it houses an incredible number of populations which co-exist within its borders. Since 1970 nearly every part of the United States has experienced some form of a terrorist attacks, most of which were motivated by distrust of ideals of democracy. Year by year, they become less frequent because the government studies this problem and struggles against it.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation divides all terrorist acts into two categories: domestic and international. Domestic terrorism occurs within the United States including all the stages like planning, training, getting information related to the terrorists act etc. International is defined as the one that is observed primary outside the country. For example, someone lived in one country, and then traveled to the United States planning the violent act while already living inside the country. That is a domestic terrorist. Both of these types violate federal or state law as they imply violent acts to intimidate civilian population and affect government policy by means of various dangerous activities like kidnapping, mass destruction or assassination.

One of terroristic organizations defined as a domestic is Jewish religious-political institution named Jewish Defense League. It was established in New York as the union for protection Jewish people against hooliganism and anti-Semitic attacks. However, JDL quickly turned into a political organization which motives expanded to protecting the interests of world Jewry especially from the Soviet Union. They wanted to create physically strong and courageous Jew who can fight back to change the image of the Jew people as weak nation. Jewish Defense League condemned terrorism, but still was classified as a right-wing terrorist group. One of numerous acts was performed November 25, 1970, when at 3 a.m. at the Manhattan office of soviet airlines Aeroflot. A bomb exploded there and caused extensive damage. After the explosion the Associated Press received a call from an anonymous caller who declared that it was an answer for Soviet anti-Semitism and who pronounced the JDR slogan.

The leader of the group, Kahane, approved the bomb planting and claimed it to be a legitimate form of protest, but denied the responsibility for this exact act.

The other terrorist organization is international and is one of the largest ultra-radical groups. It is Al-Qaeda, global militant Islamist organization. Founded by Osama bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam it was started as logistical network to support Muslims fighting against the Soviet Union during the Afghan War with members throughout the Islamic world. After soviet troops left Afghanistan Al-Qaeda redirected its aggression against the United States as a “western world” country and found many supporters among Islamic countries. The most significant of their terrorist acts is attack of September 11, 2011, in the northeast of the United States which had terrible consequences and made Al-Qaeda the world’s most infamous terrorist organization. On this date two aircrafts crashed into World Trade Centre buildings one by one. Both airplanes were hijacked by suicide terrorists and, as a result, all the crew members, passengers and terrorist were killed. Moreover, the huge amount of people was affected as the towers were located New York downtown. The Indian oppression against Muslims in Kashmir, the presence of the US troops in Saudi Arabia, US support of Israel, sanctions against Iraq, Western support for attacking Muslims in Somalia, supporting Russian atrocities against Muslims in Chechnya, the Jewish aggression against Muslims in Lebanon – these were the motives named by Osama Bin Laden a year after the terrible tragedy.

While the founder of Al-Qaeda is dead it does not mean that the United States is safe. Answering the question about the greatest threat to the US, 84 percent of people who voted believe ISIS menacing the direct threat to the USA. ISIS is an international Islamic terrorist organization acting primary in Syria and Iraq as an Islamic unrecognized quasi-state organization which proclaimed itself to be a Worldwide Caliphate. The main goal of the group was the foundation of an Islamic state with legalization of all emirates, groups, and organizations with further arrival of its troops to the relevant territories. It was a rejection of the political division established during World War I in the Sykes–Picot Agreement. The organization was designated as terrorist by 60 countries which have misunderstandings or problems of a military or political nature with ISIS. The organization focuses its attention on regional questions and does not pose a threat to the US yet. Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the organization promised to kill civilians in any country that would join the US coalition against the terror group, including people in the United States. Moreover, it was revealed that ISIS planned to kill 10 millions of Americans as a punishment.

To conclude, terrorists are not simple enemies because they have many complex motives and can be either individuals or organization. Some people agree that terrorism is a despicable crime while others argue that they are freedom fighters. Still, there is one and only reason why all the countries have to unite against it – for the sake of human lives. Every person responsible for the mass murders has to be brought to justice and every terrorist attack should provoke not a reaction of anger what can cause more harm, but be studied and destroyed from the roots. All of us are people who share one home named Earth and we must find the way to live in peace with each other because none of us has a right to decide who can live and who should die.

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