Today, more moms are in the workforce than ever before. For some, it’s a choice. For others, it’s a necessity. Nevertheless, working motherhood is an ambitious task that comes with its own set of challenges – here are the biggest ones.

Learning how to say ‘no’

We only have so much time in a day, and once you become a mom, you realize how precious your time actually is. You begin to see the value of your time and understand that you shouldn’t be spending your precious hours doing things you don’t want or need to. Be it applying to volunteer in your kids’ school or networking after an eight-hour shift, if doing those things feels like it’s below your paygrade, skip it. The best way to decide is to look at what you’re gaining from it and whether it feels like you’re wasting your time by accepting to do it. Have in mind that learning how to say ‘no’ to people and projects that drain you might be difficult at first. However, once you realize the value of your time, it gets easier and you become more deliberate with all the ‘yeses’.

Establishing work-life balance

Working moms have always found it difficult to balance their family obligations with the ones they have at work. However, establishing a work-life balance isn’t all that unattainable. All it takes is a good organization and putting quality before quantity, especially when it comes to the time you spend with your children. It’s important that you put emphasis on quality and how you spend the time you have, even if it’s just a couple of hours. Besides, when you lack time you always have the option to enroll your little ones in a reputable learning centre where they can have fun and learn at the same time. Through interactive learning activities adjusted to their age, they’ll be able to spend some quality time, meet new friends, and play with their peers. In the meantime, you can catch a break or maybe tackle some other duties knowing that your child is in good hands.

The constant comparison to other moms

We’ve all compared ourselves to others at some point in our lives. It’s a habit many of us have, albeit a toxic one, and it becomes even more prominent once you become a parent. Seeing how other moms do it (especially stay-at-home moms) and all the fun they’re having with their children makes it difficult for you not to start comparing yourself to them. Chances are, you’ll begin thinking like you’re doing something wrong. Feeling bad about yourself is inevitable in these cases, and it’s so easy to do it. However, it’s something that will take a toll on you, resulting in feelings of frustration, anxiety, and inadequacy. In these moments, it’s important that you realize that you’re already doing the best that you can. You’re contributing to your home budget, the economy, and the human race, which is something you should stop feeling guilty about and instead, be proud of it!

The fact that sleep becomes a luxury

We’re all aware of the changes and the challenges that come with having a child while trying to hold down a job. What we don’t realize is how tiring motherhood can be, with all the late-night feedings and tending to your children throughout the day. Add to that the fact that you need to balance this newfound role with the role of an employee and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. This overwhelming feeling of constant tiredness seeps into every other role you have as a mom, wife, and employee. Suddenly, you find yourself in a zombie-like phase where sleeping is a luxury and the only time you have to yourself is the time you’re at work. Except it’s not really your ‘me’ time. The good news? This exhaustion only lasts for some time, and after a while, you’ll go back to normal again. In the meantime, appreciate those little moments you have with your child. Just like tiredness, all the cuddling, silly questions, their cute little career toys, and the funny noises and sounds are temporary, so do your best to make the most of the time you spend with your little one and concentrate on the good bits of motherhood.


Once you become a mom, you discover that trying to excel at work while also being a loving and caring mother and a wonderful spouse is quite a balancing act. Nevertheless, it’s a joyful transition that completely changes your perspective and teaches you many different skills, from prioritizing to time management to multitasking. And if you’re able to surpass the challenges that come with being a working mom, you can reap the benefits that come afterwards.