As bitcoin reaches almost 10000$ now, its really buzzing the crypto world its because of bitcoin halving event just happened. Someone like me expecting bitcoin to reach above 20000$ before the end of 2020. But on the other side, few people believe bitcoin may go down below 500$. 

in this contrast, most of the cryptocurrency traders selecting altcoins over bitcoin to put most of their money. Some people still on HODL. 

However, in this corona crisis cryptocurrencies look more reliable than the normal bank currency. As we know cryptocurrencies are self-executable with blockchain technology when fiat currencies still controlled by authorities. 

Only techy people are well aware of cryptocurrencies and its evolving more now. According to the latest research and analysis number of cryptocurrency, users are becoming more in enormous numbers in 2020 when compared to the previous crypto era. 

That’s why cryptocurrency often called as future currency and commonly money for people. Still, if you don’t know about cryptocurrency and its technology, it’s the time to get to know that. 

You may wonder there are more than 3000 types of cryptocurrency in the market, how to get to know all cryptocurrencies’ behavior and history. That’s why a lot of free crypto services websites are on the internet so whatever you want to learn or know about things best cryptocurrency, like cryptocurrency prices, the market cap of any coin, 24-hour volume, history high, history low and crypto exchanges. 

Even cryptocurrencies are called the future, it’s highly recommended to get to know about it very well before take any decision to invest or buy any cryptocurrencies. I hope this article may give some shorter but neat explanations about the cryptocurrency evolving at the moment.