The second passport has become essential these days, because of its many benefits, especially after the recent increase in the number of travelers around the world, so if you are a beginner in the field of travel, and you have dreams that you want to achieve abroad, and you want to search for the easiest countries in which you can obtain a nationality Again and a passport fast from her, this article is made for you.

Obtaining a second passport:

Choosing the easiest country in which you can get a second passport is due to many factors, as each country has a different feature than others that facilitate obtaining a second passport.

if I were :

  • You want to obtain European Union citizenship: Portugal is generally the easiest option.
  • You want to move your business to another country: Belgium is the easiest nationality in the European Union.
  • Coming from one of the former Spanish colonies: Spain is the fastest way to obtain European Union citizenship.
  • Have money for the Citizenship by Investment program: Malta is the easiest EU passport you can get.

The easiest 10 countries to get a second passport

There are many countries from which you can quickly obtain a second citizenship and a passport after a residency period that does not exceed five years, and some of them require only two years.

  • Dominican Republic: The country offers the fastest citizenship after only two years of residence in the country, you must first apply for a residence permit, it is also possible to buy a property for $ 200,000 and apply for a residence permit.
  • Argentina: Argentina grants easier citizenship after residing without interruption for only two years. You can obtain residency here by simply showing an income of $ 1,000 a month, or just $ 20,000 in your bank account. But the process could take up to 1.5 years.
  • Peru: citizenship is easier and quicker here after only two years of living. Residency is granted immediately to investors and retirees if they prove income, assets of at least $ 25,000 in their bank account, or a permanent income of $ 1,000 per month.
  • Paraguay: You must have a period of residency for three years, and also make some contributions to that through your profession, you can obtain immediate permanent residence by simply depositing $ 10,000 in a bank account without interest, and buying a property or agricultural land qualifies you for immediate permanent residence. .
  • Mexico: Citizenship can be applied for after five years of residency. Or two years if you have been of Mexican descent, have been married to a Mexican for a while, or have contributed to the country’s culture, beauty, society, art or science.
  • Canada: You must have lived in the country for 1095 days out of the five-year period before you can apply for citizenship. Otherwise, within five years, you must meet the personal income tax filing obligations for a period of three years. Knowing the country’s history and culture is an important condition during application interviews. The process is faster if you speak French.
  • Ireland: You must reside here for one continuous year, and have at least four accumulated years of residency. This accumulation should occur in the eight years preceding the continuous year. Or only have Irish ancestry.
  • Spain: Spain grants citizenship to spouses after only one year of marriage and residence in the country.
  • Bolivia: You can obtain citizenship after residing only 3 years, or if you got married and lived there for only two years.
  • Ecuador: Ecuador gives you citizenship, if you have lived or been married for three years. It’s easy to get residency if you buy real estate, or deposit $ 30,000 in the bank.

Obtaining a passport and second citizenship from Portugal:

Getting a passport and second citizenship from Portugal is fairly easy. This requires that you become a resident of Portugal for five years, and then apply for citizenship.

The Portuguese passport is first class, with the possibility to move to 159 countries without a visa, with the possibility to live, work, and travel freely in all the member states of the European Union. The retirement visa, and work online in Portugal is the best way to obtain residency in Portugal.

But we cannot say that the cheapest passport and second citizenship is here in Portugal !, residing here requires that you have sufficient means to support yourself, and some consulates require you to show savings equivalent to 40 euros per day, while others will ask you to show no less than 50,000 euros in Any combination of income or savings.

After you know the easiest countries from which you can obtain a second passport, what you have to do is to search for nationality companies in Dubai.To begin the process of obtaining your second citizenship. After choosing the best nationalities company in Dubai, let’s enjoy the benefits of your new passport and explore the wonderful world.