The essay writing process can be made a lot easier and less daunting if it’s divided into manageable parts. The essay goes under many processes which include intensive work during the post and pre-writing phase of the essay. Each step towards writing the essay should be given full thought and time. To make an essay flawless, the essay writer will need to perform the following tasks:

  • Understand the essay prompt
  • Identify the research material and reading list
  • Go through the information and the research with a critical thinking approach
  • Choose the evidence, ideas, and examples that are most relevant and of high authority
  • Arrive at a reasonable and logical conclusion
  • Getting Started

Understanding the essay prompt

The first thing that you should do as a writer is to dissect the essay prompt for better understanding. You should identify the subject matter and what the prompt is asking you to perform on the subject. You should be on the lookout for the type of essay writing service and the type of academic writing the prompt requires.

Brainstorming Idea

Brainstorming can be done using many techniques. But no matter what technique you use you should put on paper everything you know about the subject matter. The purpose of the method is to force yourself to think about the topic while identifying various relationships amongst the subjects.

Managing the information

Finding relevant information

You cannot possibly read every bit of resources related to the information so it will be wise to narrow down your reading list. If a reading list is provided to you, then it is better to read that first.

You can use online catalogs and databases to search and retrieve relevant papers and articles. For journal articles, make sure to read the abstract or/and the summary of the paper to know that it relates to your topic.

Reading intelligently

A good way to start the reading process is to read a specialized encyclopedia entry for your subject. It gives you the background information to get a better understanding of other texts.

Make notes of the things that are relevant and those that might require further information. Try to set aside the evidence and the examples that you might use to write my essay service.

Writing everything down

You should start writing the essay starting with the introduction. Keeping in mind the structure and the main points of your essay, you should work towards creating the essay skeleton. Such that by the time you are done you will have a discernible form that needs rearranging and a few additions.

This is also where you usually find the missing links and information about your arguments and your subject. It is always a good practice to research once again after the first draft.

Finishing the essay

Editing the essay

You should enter into the editing phase with time on your hands. It is because the process of editing can take a lot of time. You check for the logical flow of the argument and the essay, while also making sure that the appropriate language style, grammar, and punctuation is used.

The editing process allows you to check everything from the strength of the introduction’s hook, the strength of evidence, to the conclusion statement. This iterative process needs a lot of time as it is not effective to do it all in one go. You need your mind away from the writing for some time to make sure you are editing with a fresher perspective.

Checking for the health of references

Lastly, you should check your references and in-text citations. There are software and tools that do this automatically for you in the writing. Ask your instructor about the referencing format(if you can’t find the guidelines with the online essay writer prompt).

At all costs, avoid plagiarism. Try to provide the source of the information for every information that you feel is borrowed. Plagiarism can have serious repercussions as it a form of theft.