Smart home technology is at the forefront of the golden age of technology that we’re experiencing right now. The idea of automated smart home solutions is certainly a novel one, and with the rapid innovation and new developments arising in this particular avenue it’s only a matter of time before every house in your neighbourhood becomes a connected home.

There are a ton of benefits that arise from effectively utilising smart home solutions, which are listed below:

A high degree of control and convenience: With the advent of connected home solutions, the degree of control that you have over your home increases by a considerable margin. By downloading the relevant apps on your smartphone, you can control most – if not all – the appliances in your house with a single touch and/or swipe. This can be very useful when you’re outside your house and have forgotten to switch off any appliance that might be wasting power or worse.

Increased flexibility and functionality: Smart home solutions are extremely flexible and can help people control a whole host of gadgets and appliances. These can be added to the overarching system even after installation. The functionality of these appliances is also augmented by connected home solutions due to the wide range of control afforded by these smart products.

Improved home security: Smart home technology provides a host of options to heighten your home’s security. Motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and automated door locks are just a few of the many options that one can avail to help improve the overall home security.

Efficient utilisation of energy: The various appliances and gadgets that are connected to your smart home hub can be extensively customised to facilitate home automation. This can be done with a whole host of devices and can prove to be more useful than you think. Automated lights, fans and whatnot that switch off when you leave the room might seem nothing more than a luxury, but the amount of power saved through this will make you think otherwise.

Building for the future: This point is perhaps the most important advantage of adopting connected home solutions. No matter how innovative the smart home technology being implemented might be, it simply won’t develop at the expected rate if people don’t start adopting this technology soon. Integrating smart home technology into one’s household can also help improve the value of their real estate, which can obviously be quite beneficial if a person makes the choice to sell or rent their house in the future.

Here are some of the best smart devices that you can buy to facilitate the technology of connected homes:

Amazon Echo: Perhaps the most well-known Smart Home gadgets on this list, the Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth Speaker with additional functionalities in the form of Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. By configuring this device to your liking, you can use the Echo to employ the system of smart home control most of the gadgets in your house.

Google Home: At a first glance, the Google Home might seem quite similar to Amazon Echo. While they might admittedly share a lot of the same features, this particular hub also has the added functionality of Google Assistant, which opens it up to a host of different possibilities. The most surprising thing however, is that Google Home is actually cheaper than the Amazon Echo.

FIREFX Network Guardian IoT Cyber-Security Router & Intrusion Prevention System: The need for tighter security is inevitably going to rise as smart home solutions become more mainstream. If one doesn’t want their homes to become a target for hackers then the FIREFX Network Guardian is definitely a step in the right direction. It provides unmatched cyber-security, and while the price is steep, the security provided is completely worth it.

Ecobee4: This device is built to be user-intuitive from the get-go. Its responsive touch-screen helps in easing the overall navigation of the device, while the remote sensor helps in regulating the temperature of one’s house with ease. This latest version also has Alexa integrated in it, which makes this thermostat a breeze to use.

Nest Cam Outdoor: Boasting an upgrade from its indoor counterpart with a waterproof enclosure and power cord, the Nest Cam can record live 1080p video, has an easy-to-attach magnetic base and can send alerts based on suspicious motion or audio (based on the user’s preferences).

August Smart Lock, HomeKit Enabled: This smart lock mounts over your existing deadbolt and allows your lock to be connected with your smartphone through a smart home app to provide a lot of control over your home security system. Its integration with HomeKit allows for a number of extra possibilities as well.